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2007 Euro Tour Part 6

Crossing into Finland or Suomi, as strange as that sounds, which actually used to be part of Russia. Hence all the famous Vodka they drink around here. The population is about 5.3 million people and there’s 187,888 lakes so that’s about 28 people per lake. The President, Tarja Halonen, is the famous comedian Conan O’Brien’s […]

2007 Euro Tour Part 5

2007 MDC Euro Tour: We finally arrived at Goteborg’s Kulturhuset Underjorden, one of the high spots of the tour. Some of the nicest people around, especially Ana, the most beautiful sound-woman ever. The gig hall is in a large theatre with a huge stage and an awesome live stage presence. A couple of us ended […]

2007 Euro Tour Part 4

2007 EURO TOUR – On our way to Berlin’s KOPI Squat. The stage is in a ballroom that dates back to WW II. They are having serious eviction problems. Whole in the Head have a t-shirt I like so much that I’m including the text here. On the back it reads: DATE VENUE DEATH TOLL […]

2007 Euro Tour Part 3

MDC Euro Tour Part 111 – After sleeping on the floor of the Teletubbie van, hanging out at the train station, getting harrassed by train cops, playing the swimming pool in Kranj . . . staying at a real “Pension” was welcome. First gig with the Baracka (a.k.a. Boratka) boys and their mega-merch superstore. Good […]

2007 Euro Tour Part 2

04/4 Monza @ Boccaccio: Hate Seconds, TMD, MDC 05/4 Genova @ Casa Pinelli: Downright, TMD, MDC 06/4 Bologna @ Fioravanti: Repulsione, Headed Nowhere, Tear Me Down, MDC 07/4 Roma @ Torre Maura: TMD, Vitamin X, MDC

2007 Euro Tour Part 1


Davey Lama Incense Tour MARCH 2007 – Dave Dictor, x-con ron, Mikey Offender & Dejan Podobnik March 30 Fri – Wageningen, NL: Wilde Wereld: Klojo’s, Antillectuals, Gascoigne, Mihoen, M.D.C. March 31 Sat – Dusseldorf, Germany: AK-47: Sniffing Glue, Civil Terror, M.D.C. April 1 Sun – Tubingen, Germany: Epplehaus: No See’ems, M.D.C. April 3 Tues – […]