Neon roach infested desolation waits
As the Fillmore line rolls by
Through Victorian arches and a smoke-lit glow
Sparks fly as the walls echo why
Life comes and goes the building knows
Some new last longer while others wait
Came here found none moved on
A shot of booze or dope
Coupling hours to pass the hope
While wondering what and why
Embraced then disgraced
Amused then confused
The answers in it
Shaved eyebrows tattoed skin
Pierced labia and lingerie
The waves lap under towards the bay
As fog horns keep the track marks
The golden bridge reflects the shine
Of a new day nights undone
My mind a force of one
Cannot contain or explain
As emotions explode
And the noose is hung
Last bent butt snuffed
Smolders flickers then out
x-con ron     Feb. ‘96
Name: MDC
Age: 33
Birthday: 1979
College: Raul’s
Major: The Dicks
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Book: Life
Favorite Movie: Taxi Driver
Favorite Food: Veggie/Vegan
Favorite Quote: If you don’t find justice, it’ll find you!
on the road
1.NOW – 100 Demons, Agrotoxico, All Systems Fail, Auktion, Behind Enemy Lines, Blunt Force Trauma, Choking Victim, Decibøllene, Direct Control, Doersovit, Downright, Dr. Know, Driller Killer, Dynamite Club, Exodus, Fracas, From Ashes Rise, Genocide SS, Go Like Hell, Holier Than Thou?, ICTUS, Instant Asshole, Jewdriver, KGB, KLip Trio, La Plebe, Leftover Crack, Death Crisis, Loikaemie, Los Sobrios Emputados, Migra Violenta, Milk Man, Municipal Waste, Nitwitz, Out Cold, Peter Pan Speed Rock, Profits, Rasta Knast, Ratos de Porao, Riistetyt, Skit System, Spades, Speed Wolf, Stockyard Stoics, Subhumans, Sunpower, Tear Me Down, The Taints, The  Guilty, Turbonegro, Varukers, Victims, Wolfpack
2.THEN – ARTICLES OF FAITH – What We Want is Free, B.G.K. – Jonestown Aloha, BAD BRAINS – Rock for Light, BLACK FLAG – Jealous Again, CAUSE FOR ALARM – 7”, CIRCLE JERKS – Group Sex, CODE OF HONOR / SICK PLEASURE – Split 12”, CRO MAGS – Age of Quarrel, CRUCIFIX – Dehumanization, D.O.A. – Hardcore ’81 , D.R.I. – Dirty Rotten EP, DEAD KENNEDYS – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, DISCHARGE – Never Again, FEAR – The Record, FUCK UPS – FU ‘82, HUSKER DU – Metal Circus, M.D.C. – Millions of Dead Cops + 1st two singles, MINOR THREAT – 1st two singles, MISFITS – Walk Among Us, POISON IDEA – Pick Your King, REAGAN YOUTH – Young Anthems for the New World Order, THE DICKS / BIG BOYS – Live at Raul’s, THE OFFENDERS – We Must Rebel, TOXIC REASONS – Independence, VERBAL ABUSE – Just an American Band, ZERO BOYS – Vicious Circle
3.COMPS – This Is Boston Not L.A., PEACE Compilation, Let Them Eat Jellybeans, Not So Quiet on the Western Front, Flex Your Head, Rat Music for Rat People

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