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MDC – Beer City – Music in Defiance of Compliance – 4K

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Business on Parade

We’re here to warn you
They’re gonna say shut up and buy
We’re here to warn you
They’re gonna say buy or die
Business is on parade
Corporate scam charade
Crumbs for the poor
Rich man’s profits soar
Government by the rich
Poor man’s life a bitch
Don’t believe what the politicians do
Don’t believe a word they say
All they wanna do is fuck you
Get fat on their pay

World Military Budget in 2006 was $1 TRILLION

$2.74 billion a day and for what ?????

2003 Budget (20 yrs ago)

  • United States $399.1 billion
  • Russia $65.0
  • China $47.0
  • Japan $42.6
  • United Kingdom $38.4
  • France $29.5
  • Germany $24.9
  • Saudi Arabia $21.3
  • Italy $19.4
  • India $15.6
  • South Korea $14.1
    Brazil $10.5