2007 Euro Tour Part 3

MDC Euro Tour Part 111 – After sleeping on the floor of the Teletubbie van, hanging out at the train station, getting harrassed by train cops, playing the swimming pool in Kranj . . . staying at a real “Pension” was welcome. First gig with the Baracka (a.k.a. Boratka) boys and their mega-merch superstore. Good to see Dusan from CZD again.

After Kranj we were off to play MOCVARA in Zagreb. A great place to play. Why? They have a backstage area with snacks, they feed you a great dinner, they have a clean bathroom, couches, killer PA, parking, internet . . . What more can you ask for on the road? The graffitti on the back of the building is simply amazing!

From there it was off to Dan’s parents house where we were greeted by his dad with shots of a Yugoslavian liquor called slivovitz (exactly like butane with a licorice aftertaste) and a taste of that home-style vegan food and desert. Wonderful family and they miss Dan a lot.

* To give you an idea of the nobility of these people, to still be able to smile in the aftermath of a devasting war, read on: Ivan struggled to translate his mother’s letter. “She says that X soldiers kidnapped a young boy from our town. He was eight. They took him into the woods. Killed and gutted him. Filled his body with explosives. They left the corpse on a deserted street under a moonless sky. Next morning the townspeople joined with family to help recover the boy and prepare him for burial. As the body was tenderly lifted, 13 people died as a result of explosives cleverly planted in his belly. Woman, children, elderly … dead. Others injured.” Ivan paused to wipe his eyes. “We will never be the same again in Yugoslavia.”