2007 Euro Tour Part 4

2007 EURO TOUR – On our way to Berlin’s KOPI Squat. The stage is in a ballroom that dates back to WW II. They are having serious eviction problems.

Whole in the Head have a t-shirt I like so much that I’m including the text here. On the back it reads:


200-400 Fall of the Roman Empire 8 million

1095-1492 The Crusades 5 million

1200-1300 Mongol Conquests 40 million

1400-1870s World Slave Trade 37 million

1513-1600 Cortez and the New World Conquest 23.5 million

1607-1870s American Pioneers Genocide of Indigenous 50 million

1830-1902 British Empire in India 17 million

1847-1851 Irish Famine and Aristocracy Food Control 1.5 million

1914-1918 WW One 15 million

1917-1939 Russian Bolshevik/Stalinist Purges 20 million

1939-1945 World War Two 55 million

1942-1945 Nazi Holocaust 6 million

1950s-1980s Communist Maoist China 40 million

1967-1977 Pol-Pot’s Kmer Rouge 3 million

2001 The War on Terror – Still Rising

“The death of one person is tragedy but the death of a million is only a statistic.” Josef Stalin