Music In Defiance of Compliance - VOL 2 LP

Available Formats: LP

BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to bring you M.D.C. – Music In Defiance of Compliance – Volume One and Volume 2 LP ! (Each sold separately)

For over 40 years now the legendary M.D.C. has been cranking out solid hardcore/punk tunes against oppression , injustice , misery , pain and death caused by all the corrupt politicians , governments and multi death corporations! Many of the times all parties working together to line their pockets with money while regular people suffer , starve and die!.

This two record set brings you 27 of the best tunes (All restored and remastered to sound , louder , stronger and more deadly then ever before!) that M.D.C. has cranked out over the years. Starting with their legendary self titled LP and going all the way to their latest release! You get a ton of angry ferocious hardcore/punk that will blow you out of the water. As well as make you think!

Each album also contains liner notes by both M.D.C. founding members Dave Dictor and X Con Ron. As well as lyrics for each song. Which unfortunately are just as relevant now as when they first came out.

Brand new cover art and packaging was done by Carl Steinhagen for these releases. When you put the covers together it creates one large piece of art not only on the front but the back as well!

For all you vinyl collectors there is a limited run of 108 on opaque Metallic Silver for VOL 1 . Then 108 on opaque Metallic Gold for VOL 2.