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Smoke Signals

Available Formats: LP, 12 inch

Musicians: * last recording with x-con ron on guitar until November 1988

A. 1984
David Dictor vocals
Ron Posner (x-con ron) guitar (Side A. songs 1, 2, 4, 5 / Side B. song 1)
Joe Orguera bass (Side A. songs 1, 2, 4, 5 / Side B. song 1)
Alschvitz drums

B. 1986
David Dictor vocals
Gordon Fraser guitar (all other songs)
Franco bass (all other songs)
Alschvitz drums
Tom Albino guitar (Side B. song 2)
Dave “Machine Gun” Dick guitar (Acoustic Guitar Side B. song 4)

Original Liner Notes:
Produced by M.D.C. and Garry Creiman.
Recorded June of 1986 at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, CA
Engineers: Garry Creiman and Deanne Franklin
Cover painting and other art design and layout by Quill
Mastered by Carole at K-Disc
Photo by Natalie of Ann Arbor
Manufactured by Tabb Rex Enterprises
Remembering Mitch the Bitch

Mitchell Gelberg (1954 – 1986)

Farewell to a loyal friend… If you had only three words to describe “Mitch the Bitch”, – soup kitchen celebrity would do it but he was far too complex to be summed up in three words. He was eccentric but sane, always honest and open, Mitch was a keyboard wizard, an innovator who would have introduced keys to hardcore rock. His anxious efforts to fuse all genres of music together, through his instrument, was starting to gel. He could play finger percussion better than anyone I’ve ever seen. He was an artist – suffered as one, practiced and perfected his skills as one, and loved his obsession as one. He was supposed to play piano on this track . . . Mitch and I spent hours constructing organ/drum duets from covers songs, his favorite was “Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man”… I hope you’ve found sanctuary now my friend. by Alschvitz

Monument to The Vats – Mission Dolores CA

Side A

  1. No More Cops (words - Alschvitz, music - Joe Orguera)
  2. King of Thrash (words - Alschvitz, music - Ron Posner)
  3. Drink to Forget (words & music - Franco)
  4. The Big Picture (words & music - The Subhumans)
  5. Skateboards from Hell (words - Alschvitz, music - Ron Posner)
  6. Tofutti (words - Alschvitz, music - Little Richard)
  7. South Africa is Free (words & music - Franco)

Side B

  1. Acceptable Risks (words - Alschvitz, music - Ron Posner)
  2. Missile Destroyed Civilization (words - Alschvitz & Franco, music - Franco)
  3. Soup Kitchen Celebrity (words & music - Alschvitz)
  4. Country Squawk (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - David Dictor)
  5. Paradise Lost (words & music - Franco)
  6. Smoke Signals (words & music - M.D.C.)