Shades of Brown

Available Formats: LP, 12 inch

David Dictor vocals Chris Wilder guitar Al Schultz (Schvitz) drums Erica Liss bass

Original Liner Notes:
This album was recorded/mixed primarily between February and April 1993, with parts done in October 1992. Engineered by Matt Kelly, Steve Paputsis, and Gary Crieman (GRC) at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco (MK and GRC) and Music amex in Menlo Park, CA (SP). Produced by MDC and GRC.
Big Thanks to Charles F. Sullivan our lawyer. David Ewel our road meister. Erica thanks & Loves Jill M., David G. and Mom for they know what and more! Dave loves Mistress, Jonathan, Psyche, Terry, Clinat and Goddess Loving Peoples Everywhere! MDC. Phew. Welfare worker . . . Catherine Miller / Knucklehead Chorus on Last Train — Thanks gang! / Cover Illustration by Mark Tippin based on a concept by Steven Tobakian (Check out Steve’s fantastic book, “You Don’t Have to Fuck People to Survive” from Pressure Drop Press) / Design by Mark Tippin (Apple Link: Tippin.M, CS: 70412,2022) / Chris uses demonic guitars cuz he made ‘em, and Don Preble’s Ibanez cuz he let him . . . thanks, horsehead.

Al Schvitz wishes to acknowledge the fact that although the particular words and phrases may be his own, the thoughts, wishes and hopes are the product of the collective conscience distilled through my nineteen year friendship with Dave and would not exist without him.

This is not a “SPECIAL THANKS” list . . . and here’s why: We could spend forever thanking all the unbelievable terrific people who’ve: Wrtitten to, carried, lent, worked, believed in, toiled, listetned to , backed, drove around, wrote about, bought beer for, stood behind, gave floor space to, donated hash to, slaved over, unloaded and generally helped us in large and small ways to continue doing what we (and presumably they) believe in, AND, not only would we take up the whole page and misspell everyone’s name, we’d no doubt remember every hoorah, hug, kiss and high-five due to everyone fitting into the above categories! Whether you just found out about us and bought this record, or you played zither on the the “Multi-Death” EP, obvisously we couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without you, and will continue to do it as long as there are anti-racist, pro-choice, vegetarian, free-thinking, multi-sexual, anti-nazi, environmentally aware, punk-as-fuck, warehouse-squatting, freedom-loving, anti-sexist, government-mistrusting, protest-bound, mohawk-sporting, cop-hating, radical post modern grunge grindcore speed metal Seattle retro crust hippie leftist folks of all ages, and kinds to help us do it! We’ll se ya’ soon! MDC 1993

Side A

  1. Shades of Brown [3:18] (words & music - Al Schvitz)
  2. Winter of 92' [2:11] (words & music - Al Schvitz)
  3. Someone's Behind You Again [2:53] (words - Al Schvitz & Dave Alpert, music - Dave Alpert)
  4. This Land [1:39] (words & music - Guthrie & Al Schvitz)
  5. Thanks for Giving Me What I Didn't Want [2:15] (words & music - Chris Wilder)
  6. Greenwash [3:04] (words & music - Al Schvitz & Chris Wilder)
  7. Slow, Stupid and Hungry [1:11] (words & music - Chris Wilder)
  8. Hail Satan [3:20] (words & music - Al Schvitz & Chris Wilder)

Side B

  1. Borrowed Time [3:23] (words - David Dictor, music - Michael Donaldson)
  2. Squat Dogs [1:15] (words & music - Chris Wilder)
  3. Welfare Line [2:35] (words & music - Al Schvitz)
  4. Spare Change [2:01] (words & music - Barry D’Alive)
  5. Real Food, Real People, Real Bullets [3:50] (words & music - Chris Wilder)
  6. Long Time Gone [2:13] (words & music - Al Schvitz)
  7. Last Train to Castro [2:24] (words - David Dictor, Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, music - Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart)