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This Blood's For You

Available Formats: LP, 12 inch

Original Liner Notes:

Al Schvitz “Aloha”/drums
Gordon Fraser/guitar
Franc’o Mares/bass
“Boxcar” Dave Dictor/vocals

Produced by M.D.C. and R Radical Records / Distributed by Tom Flynn/Boner Records / We Bite Records, West Germany / Recorded and mixed by Garry Crieman / Assisted by Marianne Zahorsky and Dave Bock at Hyde Street Studios, S.F. June-July-August 1987 / Mastered at Fantasy Studios by George Horn

Danny Sullivan/vibes master, Mark Dubicki and Bosco the dog/road manager / Spiritual Advisor: Rissa Schiff / Guest Players: Willie “Sluglord” Lipat/first bass on “Police Related Death” / Paul Davis (Bonnie Hayes Band)/second guitar on “Police Related Death” / Ron Charles/synthesizer on: “Guns for Nicaragua” / Reagan quotes: Ms. Persily

All words and music by M.D.C. except: “Politician” words and music by Cream / American Indian Movement song with head singers Bill Wapepah and Dennis Banks was sung during the food airlift to Yellow Thunder Camp, winter 1982, and is used with permission. / “S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D.” words and music by M.D.C. and Chris Voorhees (w/Chris, Linda, Susan/McClendon Street Hostel, Atlanta, GA.) / “Sexy and Christian” words and music by M.D.C. and Willie Lipat / “Police Related Death” words and music by M.D.C. and Willie Lipat / Back-up vocals on “S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D.” by Gilman Street Choir: Darren He-Man Hardcore/Cammie/A. Sandinista/Sprocket/Joe/H.G. Lewis/Rock Hudson’s Ghost

Cover Photo: Mickey Scopp taken with permission of the Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco and special thanx to Curtis Huber (The Invisible Apostle), and Mike / Cover Lettering: Kevin Clark / Label Art: Jenny Jo Brown (Skateboard Jesus) / Cover Concept: Al Schvitz / Travel Arrangements: Luis Cuadro/Natabu

Special thanks to: China & Brian, Martha & Juanito Francisco, Jenny Jo, Rosie Jo & Jessie Jo and Charlie Parker, James Marshall, Jimi Hendrix, and of course Jesus Christ

Side A

  1. Millions of Damn Christians - Dante's River Styx [2:03] (words - Alschvitz, music - Alschvitz & Gordon Fraser)
  2. This Blood's for You [2:34] (words - Dave Dictor, music - Gordon Fraser)
  3. Who's the Terrorist Now? [1:11] (words - Alschvitz, music - Gordon Fraser)
  4. Bye Bye Ronnie [2:44] (words & music - Dave Dictor)
  5. Chock Full of Shit [3:31] (words - Dave Dictor, music - Gordon Fraser)
  6. Mao Tse Tung [0:55] (words & music - Dave Dictor)
  7. Henry Kissmyassinger [0:12] (words & music - M.D.C.)
  8. Guns for Nicaragua [3:00] (words & music - Franco)

Side B

  1. Politician [3:46] (words & music - Jack Bruce & Pete Brown / Cream)
  2. S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D. [3:12] (words & music - Dave Dictor)
  3. Sexy and Christian* [3:32] (words - Dave Dictor, music - Ron Posner & Willie Lipat)
  4. Your Death Wish Is Sick [2:30] (words & music - Dave Dictor)
  5. Massacred and Dismembered Culture [2:59] (words - Franco, music - Gordon Fraser)
  6. Police Related Death* [3:47] (words - Dave Dictor, mucis - Ron Posner & Willie Lipat)