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Metal Devil Cokes

Available Formats: LP, 12 inch

Original Liner Notes:

Dave “Kuncklehead” Dictor – vocals
Eric Calhoun – guitar
Franco Mares – bass,
Al Schvitz – drums

Front Cover Art by Jay Ed
Back Cover Art by Jenny Jo Brown
Metal Devil Cokes produced by MDC, Boner Records, John Loder, and Gary Crieman
Recorded at Hyde Street Studios by Gary Crieman
Metal Devil Cokes concept by MDCC and Brian Schvitz

Cindy Wigginton (Bedlam Rovers): Viola on “Something for Everyone” / Jeremy Burn (Bedlam Rovers): Bouzouki on “Something for Everyone” / Caroleen (Bedlam Rovers): Flute on “Something for Everyone” / Lydia Paweski: Vocals on “Hole in My Soul” / Ditte Zijp: Voice on “I’m a Knucklehead” / Jesse Jo Brown, Rosel Brown, Juanito Mares: Children’s voices on “I’m a Knucklehead” / Billy Stroppel and Michelle Zydenbos: Background vocals on “Ain’t It Funny” / Knucklehead Choir: Paul Nicholes, Marcia Tree Skatesurf, Chris Dodge, Lydia Rose Paweski, Heidi Wallentine, Lisa Pasbjerg, David Whitaker, Shannon Marr, Dan Gibbs, EJ Wray, Rebekah, Hannes (KGB), Agent Jay (PCT), AWOL, Motor City Sara, Ditte Zijp, Suze, Carleen, Michael Dean, Viki Solo, Peanut Butter, Lobster Tail, Lil Mike, Wendy Bardsley / Pierre Benitomako: Road Dog

Thanx: Michael Smith, Kathedrarl B in Toronto, Timmy Yo, Martha Burke, Bob Moselle, Tom Flynn xxxoxox hugs & kisses for Mr. Flynn, Michelle Shcoked, Luis Cuadros, Rissa, Barry D’Alive, Paul Nicholes, Debbie Gordon, Danny Sullvian, Thomas Issler and Margit, Babylon Burning, Section 8, Savage Amsterdam, Lawrence Livermore

Side A

  1. Huddled Masses (words & music - Al Schvitz & Barry D’Alive)
  2. Dirty Harry for President (words & music - Dave Dictor & Al Schvitz)
  3. White Men in Suits (words & music - Dave Dictor)
  4. Three Blind Mice (words & music - Dave Dictor & Al Schvitz)
  5. Tofu Spaghetti (words & music - Dave Dictor)
  6. Snuffed Out (words & music - Eric Calhoun)
  7. Deep in the Heart [of Racist Amerikkka] (words - MDC, music - Don Swander)
  8. Acid Reindeer (words & music - Dave Dictor)

Side B

  1. I Was a Dupe for the RCP (words & music - Dave Dictor)
  2. Metal Devil Crossoverture (words & music - Franco)
  3. Hole in My Soul (words & music - Al Schvitz)
  4. I’m a Knucklehead (words & music - Bill Stroppel & MDC)
  5. Ain’t It Funny [How It All Works Out] (words & music - Dave Dictor & Al Schvitz)
  6. Mongoloid (words & music - Eric Calhoun)
  7. Love Potion No. 9 (words & music - The Clovers)
  8. Something for Everyone (words - MDC & Bill Stroppel, music - Paul Nicholes)