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Hey Cop!!! If I Had A Face Like Yours...

Available Formats: LP, 12 inch

Original Liner Notes:

David Lee Dictor – vocals
Al Schvitz – drums
Bill Collins – guitar
Matt McCall Freeman – bass

Engineer – Wendy Bardsley / 2nds – Matt Kelley, Toni, Garry Crieman
Recorded at Hyde Street Studios, SF

Front Cover Photo by Aicha Woods, Concept by Al Schvitz and Dave Dictor / Back Cover Art by Leon Cavallo / Label Art by Marcus from Germany / Typesetting by Lydia Rose Paweski / Background Vocals: Crime of Rape: Lydia Rose Paweski, Adrian Spitboy, Todd Spitboy, Bronwyn Paxton Quiggley. The Jew That Got Away: Ron Grinch, Dave Neurosis, Jesse Blatz, Jay Hawke / Tour Stylie Hosts: Gilman Street Security

Inspiration: The Dicks, Crass, The Dead Kennedys, Tom Jennings/Homo Core, Fugazi, Citizen Fish, Rick Agnew (Barefoot Euro Winter Tour King), Econochrist, The Popstitutes, Neurosis, Yeastie Girlz, Spermbirds, Cringer, Culturecide, Philip K. Dick, Noam Chomsky, Live and Die in L.A. Punkx, Divine, SS Decontrol, NoMeansNo, Ray Melville, KD Lang, Roy Orbison, L7, Public Enemy, Bikini Kill, Vegan vegetarians (all), Fifteen, Filth, Mudwimin, Tribe 8, Victims Family, Bongwater, Moses, Matt and Looter, Robin Komotion, Little Mike M.O.M., Bulimia Banquet, Lily Braindrop, Mykel Board, Ben Weasel, and especially youth liberation Punx and squatters worldwide, SF Weekly and the Bay Guardian, Washington D.C.’s Positive Force, Geronimo Pratt, The Nation Magazine, Melissa Mankiller President of the Cherokee Nation, Reasonable and radical malcontents everywhere, Big Mountain Native Americans, KPFA, Lauri Di and Seeds of Peace.

Dave Thanx: Tomy Flynn, Ron Posner, Buxf Parrot, Gary Floyd, Vince Rancid, Jenny Jo Brown, Franco, John Quill, Gordon Fraser, Eric Calhoun, Mike Donaldson, Tammy Cleveland, Tim, Martin and Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Jello Biafra, Tom Albino, Michelle Shocked, China, Andy Sun Frog, Jimi Irving, Sid and Lori Lei, Steve K Stonybrook FM, Little Richard, Life Sentence, John Loder, We Bite Records, Garry Crieman, Bred by Dred, Richard of Stick Against Stone, Flipside, Bad Newz, Bruce la Bruce, last but not least Deek and Peter Pan, and also, really, all the fine folks since Austin, Texas, January 1980.

Tour Thanx: Aicha Woods, Debbie Stockman, Lint Irving, Fitzjoy, Doug, Karen, Mark, and Utte, Pierre, Shawn MacDonald, Guilt Parade, and Henry the Tour Dog, Gilman Street Security.

Great Gig Hotspots: Komotion, ABC No Rio, Ave. C Squat, Philadelphia Scene, Minneapolis Mark, Chitown, T.O. Anarchos, Fort Goof, It’s Good To Be Back Home Detroit, Cinci, Ohio, Tijuana, and of course Bubba and the City of Angels L.A., Yugo Punx, Italian squats, Forte Presente, Leon Cavallo, El Paso, Indiana, Berlin the EX, Ungdomshuset (and Adam), Lopen Cristiania, Hamburg Flora, Wurzburg, Heiko of Marl, Bremen, Munich, Lyon, Bikini Club, Toulouse, Paris and Nadia, Belgium, Parke Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Bilboa, Madrid, and Barcelona, Clubstitute, only last because of stupid ageist American laws. R.I.P.: Michael Smith — T.O.. Anarchist Human Being, Julianno Scab – SF, Teen Rock Idol/Hero, John Marcus — Circle One.

Thanx from Al Schvitz: No delays/triggers used on these tracks, and we’d like to thank Chype Sullivan.

Thanx from Bill: Aicha, Daemien, Nina Collins, The Schleicher-Woods Family, Patti, Katie, John, Karen S., Anna Mosity, Amanda, Aryana, Echonochrist and all at L’il Arkansas, Special Forces, Esp. Orlando, Neurosis, Grinch, Spitboy, Paxton Quiggley, Filth, Blister, Absolutely Zippo, East Bay Soccer Punx, Bunch of Fucking Goofs, Toronto, Paolo and Ciccilia (Rome), David Wildcat (Switzerland), Tete (Bilbo), In Breman, All at Change Music, Esp. Caro and Bettina, All at the Lemans, Esp. Fernando Die Schlacht, Korrupt, Marco, Daniel & Sylke, A.S.L., The Auslander Gang, Marc, Sabine, all Bremen and Bremen-word punx and Auslander everywhere.

Major influences: Ron Posner, Tony Nitwitz and Slime.

Special Thanx: Tony Giuliano for the speaker, ace mechanical help from Steve and Mitch at Canyon High Performance in Concord, and last but not least the staff and students at Contra Costa Alternative High School, 10 Irwing Way, Orinda, CA 94563. I would like to dedicate my contribution to this LP to Aicha, Daemien, and the memory of my sister Jeanette.

Thanx from Matt: Lint, O.P.I.V., Marty Niner, Cathy B., Very Small Records, Kamala, Schlong, Anna and Blatz, and the entire East Bay Scene.

Side A

  1. Millions of Dead Cops [2:56] (words - David Dictor, music - Bill Collins)
  2. Mark of the Farmer [1:58] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
  3. U.S. War #54 [3:21] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
  4. Gig and Die in L.A. [1:26] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
  5. Beat Somebody Up [2:19] (words & music - Bill Collins)
  6. Nowhere to Go [1:58] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
  7. I Do Not Wish [2:10] (words - Andy “Sunfrog” Smith, David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
  8. If I Had a Face[1:59] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)

Side B

  1. It's Later Than You Think [2:09] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
  2. Lambada Me [1:33] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
  3. The Jew That Got Away [2:10] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
  4. Moneypile [2:39] (words & music - Bill Collins)
  5. Cockrocker [1:15] (words & music - Bill Collins)
  6. The Crime of Rape [2:32] (words & music - Bill Collins)
  7. Black Christmas [4:31] (words & music - Bill Collins)