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Elvis in the Rhineland: Live in Berlin

Available Formats: LP, 12 inch

R Radical Records 1988 & Destiny Records – David R. Pollack
Live at the Quartier Latin, Berlin, Germany

– 20th November 1988

Original Liner Notes:

All songs by M.D.C. except: “Fogtown”, “Secret to a Long Life” by Michelle Shocked, “I Remember” by David Alpert, “Chicken Squawk” by Stackabones and M.D.C., “Chock Full of Shit” by Gordon Frasier and M.D.C., “Dead Cops Rock” – Jailhouse Rock

Produced by Dave Pollack / Goddess – Petra / Drivers – Henning of Squandered Message / Co-tour Mates – No Pigs (Syd, Guy, Stephan, Nils, Lorelei, Mateue) / Tour T-shirts – Artists: Jenny Jo Brown, Vince Rancid, Buxf Parrot, Printers: Babylon Burning SF, Stileit Amsterdam, We Bite Records, Tubingen / Recorded by / Mixed by / Cover Photo by (illegible)

Vocals – Smelvis Elverale Boxcar Dave Darla Dictor / Thanx: Jesse, Rosa and Pluka Brown, Lilla, Hilary, Ray, Sabine, Hannes, Trina, Brenda, Squid, The Rat House, The Dicks, The Big Boys, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, The Cookie Monster, Stackabones, Short Dogs Grow, Divine, Yeastie Girls, Sticky, Woody Guthrie, Bessie Smith, The Beatnigs, Syd CCM, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Goddess Kali and Michelle Shocked, Peace, Love’n Soy

Guitar – Mad Dog x-con ron / Mesa Boogie, Les Paul / Thanx: Missy, Julia, Tammy, Mikey, Wild Bill, Brian, Anita and Truman, Carlole Heegard, Charucki, Kevin and Lori, Felix D.R.I., Joie Verbal Abuse, Concrete Jungle Skateboards Team and Crew, Thrasher Magazine, R.K.L., SNFU, Ludichrist, No Pigs, Bad Brains, Pit Bulls everywhere, Misty, Henry, Kitty, Cleo, Junior and Zeke

Al’s Warm Regards to: Mordred, Heino, Marquis de Sade, Barry D’Alive, The Anti-Christ, Alfred E. Neuman, Roger, Bob Gucianni Jr., Charles Manson (for guidance), Manuel Noriega, Honorable Judges Roy Bean, Morton Downey Jr., Kurt Waldheim, Barry Manilow, G. Gordon Liddy, The RCP, The Fuck-Ups, Monte Roy Mark, Ernest Angley, Tim Yohannon

Bass Guitar – Franco “Don’t Worry Be Happy” Mares / Thanks and Love to: Martha, Juanito, Tom Flynn, Boner Records, Rissa, Schiff, John Loder and Southern Studios, We Bite Records, Bob Moselle, Ann and Richard Yaxley, Food First SF, Janice, Eric “Vice Grips” Calhoun, Tony Mind Control, Frank and Irene Ditte, Red, Gary Creiman, Sharon, Leslie, Dorian, Riak, Daisy Anarchy, Cristiania Lopen Hagen Scene, Homeless and Squatters Everywhere, All the Butthole Surfers, Dark Age Dads, AIM, IITC, Nelson Mandela, Leonard Peltier and Prisoners Everywhere, Brian Wilson, Jessie Jackson, Hank Williams, Big Mountain, Navajo, Hopi, Traditional Elders . . . and Dave Weber wherever you are. / Travel Arrangements – Luis Cuadros Natrabi Travel SF / Equipment – 1961 Fender Precision Bass, Ampeg SVT, Barry Martin Frets’n’Necks, Gary Brawer, Real Guitars

Side A

  1. Dead Cops (words - David Dictor, music - Ron Posner)
  2. Greedy and Pathetic (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Ron Posner)
  3. The Big Picture (words & music - The Subhumans)
  4. I Remember (words - David Dictor & BSA: Brodski, Schultz, Alpert 1975, music - BSA)
  5. Church and State (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Ron Posner)
  6. Kill the Light (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Ron Posner)
  7. Chicken Squawk (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - David Dictor)
  8. Multi Death Corporation (words - David Dictor, music - Ron Posner)
  9. Selfish Shit (words - David Dictor, music - Ron Posner)
  10. Corporate Death Burgers (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Ron Posner)
  11. My Family is a Little Weird (words & music - David Dictor)
  12. No More Cops (words - Alschvitz, music - Joe Orguera)

Side B

  1. Chock Full of Shit (words - Dave Dictor, music - Gordon Fraser)
  2. Henry Kissmyassinger (words, music)
  3. Mao Tse Tung (words & music - Dave Dictor)
  4. Pay to Come Along (words - David Dictor, music - Ron Posner)
  5. Dick for Brains (words & music - David Dictor)
  6. Violent Rednecks (words - David Dictor, music - Ron Posner)
  7. Fogtown (words & music – Michelle Shocked)
  8. Kleptomaniac (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Ron Posner & Al Schultz)
  9. American Achievements (words - David Dictor, music - Ron Posner)
  10. John Wayne Was a Nazi (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - David Dictor)
  11. Dead Cops Rock (words - Lieber and Stoller & M.D.C., music - Lieber and Stoller)
  12. Born to Die (words - Daid Dictor, music - Ron Posner)
  13. Secret to a Long Life (words & music – Michelle Shocked)