MDC - Millions of Damn Christians / This Blood’s for You 12”

Side A -                                                                                                                                1. Millions of Damn Christians - Dante's River Styx [2:03] (words - Alschvitz, music - Alschvitz & Gordon Fraser)
2. This Blood's for You [2:34] (words - Dave Dictor, music - Gordon Fraser)
3. Who's the Terrorist Now? [1:11] (words - Alschvitz, music - Gordon Fraser)
4. Bye Bye Ronnie [2:44] (words & music - Dave Dictor)
5. Chock Full of Shit [3:31] (words - Dave Dictor, music - Gordon Fraser)
6. Mao Tse Tung [0:55] (words & music - Dave Dictor)
7. Henry Kissmyassinger [0:12] (words & music - M.D.C.)
8. Guns for Nicaragua [3:00] (words & music - Franco)

Side B -                                                                                                                                1. Politician [3:46] (words & music - Jack Bruce & Pete Brown / Cream)
2. S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D. [3:12] (words & music - Dave Dictor)
3. Sexy and Christian* [3:32] (words - Dave Dictor, music - Ron Posner & Willie Lipat)
4. Your Death Wish Is Sick [2:30] (words & music - Dave Dictor)
5. Massacred and Dismembered Culture [2:59] (words - Franco, music - Gordon Fraser)
6. Police Related Death* [3:47] (words - Dave Dictor, mucis - Ron Posner & Willie Lipat)

R Radical Records 1987

Original Liner Notes:

Al Schvitz “Aloha”/drums

Gordon Fraser/guitar

Franc’o Mares/bass

“Boxcar” Dave Dictor/vocals

Produced by M.D.C. and R Radical Records / Distributed by Tom Flynn/Boner Records / We Bite Records, West Germany / Recorded and mixed by Garry Crieman / Assisted by Marianne Zahorsky and Dave Bock at Hyde Street Studios, S.F. June-July-August 1987 / Mastered at Fantasy Studios by George Horn

Danny Sullivan/vibes master, Mark Dubicki and Bosco the dog/road manager / Spiritual Advisor: Rissa Schiff / Guest Players: Willie “Sluglord” Lipat/first bass on “Police Related Death” / Paul Davis (Bonnie Hayes Band)/second guitar on “Police Related Death” / Ron Charles/synthesizer on: “Guns for Nicaragua” / Reagan quotes: Ms. Persily

All words and music by M.D.C. except: “Politician” words and music by Cream / American Indian Movement song with head singers Bill Wapepah and Dennis Banks was sung during the food airlift to Yellow Thunder Camp, winter 1982, and is used with permission. / “S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D.” words and music by M.D.C. and Chris Voorhees (w/Chris, Linda, Susan/McClendon Street Hostel, Atlanta, GA.) / “Sexy and Christian” words and music by M.D.C. and Willie Lipat / “Police Related Death” words and music by M.D.C. and Willie Lipat / Back-up vocals on “S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D.” by Gilman Street Choir: Darren He-Man Hardcore/Cammie/A. Sandinista/Sprocket/Joe/H.G. Lewis/Rock Hudson’s Ghost

Cover Photo: Mickey Scopp taken with permission of the Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco and special thanx to Curtis Huber (The Invisible Apostle), and Mike / Cover Lettering: Kevin Clark / Label Art: Jenny Jo Brown (Skateboard Jesus) / Cover Concept: Al Schvitz / Travel Arrangements: Luis Cuadro/Natabu

Special thanks to: China & Brian, Martha & Juanito Francisco, Jenny Jo, Rosie Jo & Jessie Jo and Charlie Parker, James Marshall, Jimi Hendrix, and of course Jesus Christ

Millions of Damn Christians (Dante's River Styx) -
Welcome aboard, non-believers, sinners and heathens
Step right this way: Captain Dante at your service
Please hold on rapids ahead

The devil will drag you under
With the fancy tie around your wicked throat
The devil will drag you under
With a soul so heave, you'll never float

First the dozen
Then there were thousands, now they are smiling
Of Arrogant Christians
But those whose faith is lost thenThey'll go straight to hell
And those who double cross him
All go straight to hell
You'll go straight to hell
Mr. Gandhi, nut not Hitler, sorry Buddha, sorry Mohammed, but not Reagan

Now they're wealthy
And in control
Got you by your balls
By your soul

This Blood's for You -
All this talk of Jesus Christ, praying
And reading the good book
Acting like if they call themselves Christian
Somehow they'll really be
But these people got so much power
Blood on their hands
And they act like they don't understand
So frigging blind, such hypocrisy
They don't wanna use their mind
God, are you listening to me?
Come on, it's plain to see
All this murder is done in your name
Don't you feel you're a little to blame?
Don't you wanna see
All the people fighting for God
Killing for peace
How many people have bit the dust?
How many have you left to die?

Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Virgin Mary, Mother of God
Ain't this frigging odd?
Our father in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Is it all just a game?

I wanna say this blood's for you
For all you do
The blood, it really is for you
You and you and you and you
I'm talking to all of you
for whatever you might do

Jesus, he is drinking it out of the cup right now
He's talking but he's got some blood for you
I'm talking about all of you
This is something our of a rock
It's not juts a bunch of crock

Lord Jesus, Father, Holy Ghost
Ain't this thing odd?
Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is this
The Divine Plan, or what's the story?
I'm losing touch, can't you hear my
Prayer, but nothing, I don't see a sign
That says This Blood's for You.

Who’s the Terrorist Now? -
Pardon me President Reagan,
But who are the terrorists now?
This isn't a movie we're making,
Who are the terrorists now?

Contra-contrived, Grumman thrives
Death Skull tanks now mobilized

Why not send them food supplies?
Swords into plowshares

guns, planes, napalm flames,
Stenciled proudly our nation's name
so the dying can read who's to blame


Exporting our excess of overkill
Whose deadly tools show our goodwill
Other nations acquiesce
At Sidra we bang our chest

All you who voted for Reagan
Who are the terrorists now?
This isn't a movie we're making
Who are the terrorists now?

Why earn a madman's wrath
Until neither side has the last laugh?

And the fuck with the Nuclear Test Ban
Who are the peace keepers now?

And somehow we're blaming the Russians
Asking, who are the terrorists now?
No profits in weapons reductions
So who are the terrorists now?
And those who voted for Reagan
Who are the terrorists now?
Efforts of piece all forsaken cause we are the best
Fuck all the rest
Yes we are the chest pounding
Terrorists now!

Bye Bye Ronnie -
Bye bye Ronnie, Ronnie goes to jail
Nancy hocks her furs for bail
Oral Roberts prays for money in the mail
Ronnie baby your ass is on the rail

Go ahead Ronnie turn yourself in
Sit and tell us all your sins
You can take a slug of my gin
This is where the party begins

You knew about ran all the while
Now you wanna claim you're senile
Sorry Dutch you'll be cruising
No more cabinet meeting snoozing

We won't have to hear your boast
Now that your ass is in the roast
We'll be partying coast to coast
To this is what drink and toast

Chock Full of Shit -
Here he comes, the man in the white suit
El Exigente
The Demanding One
To decide if our beans
Are rich enough
Are they good enough?
Have they the means?
Everyone looks on
Will he approve?
Will our village make it?
Boom or bust for us!
Or we'll be drinking a lot of coffee this winter

We look at him and he shakes his head no
We look at each other, and we all scream

El Exijente you are
Chock full of shit

We're hip to your plan scam man
Devalue our work and worth so you
Can have it for nothing
You and those gringo bosses
You're always taking profits ad losses
Capitalism is cannibalism
(swiped off Rachel HOLC's jacket)
You've never worked in a hot field for a day in your life
The revolution will come my friend
Those with none will get some
And we'll have a little justice
And what of you my friend?
Your suit might get very dirty
As you drink lye and choke

El Exijente, baby you are
Chock full of shit

Mao Tse Tung -
Mao tse Tung
Egg fu yung
Brown fried rice
sure tastes nice

Peace through food
Change folks mood
One billion fed
Alive not dead

What's food for?
No more war
Love thy earth
And all it's worth
All give thanks
Bread not tanks

Don't forget Ho
And Timmy Yo
Mao tse Tung

S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D - (This is for fag bashing racist skinheads.)
S, is cause you're so stupid
K, just like the KKK
I, cause you're an idiot
N, and a Nazi too
H, is cause we hate you
E, each and everyday
A cause you're an asshole
D, disappear and go away

S, is cause we're sorry
K, you're a knuckle-head
I, is for isocracy
N, and its not real cool
H, cause we're still hoping
E, each and everyday
A, together we can create anarchy
D, to destroy the state

Sexy and Christian -
I'm falling in love with Debbie Boone
I hope I get to meet her soon
She looks so pure, so damn good
I'd be faithful yes i would
Holy Schmoley so hot and holy
Finger licking good like guacamole
Anyone got her home phone number
Like without Debbie is a total bummer

Sexy and Christian, her faith and trust
Sexy and Christian, born again lust
Sexy and Christian, what a mystique
Sexy and Christian, my little angelique

Baby, baby you light up my life
Baby, baby would you be my wife
I want to be more than a fan
To be your one and only God fearing man
No matter how far or harsh the weather
We'll make a church and pray together
Personal friends of Jim and Tammy Baker
A contented hubby and little home maker

Sexy and Christian, guest spots on pay T.V
Sexy and Christian, the happiest christians that'll ever be
Sexy and Christian, paid virginal dues
Sexy and Christian, whiter than daddy's shoes

Jesus whispering into our ear
Replaying the message for us all to hear
If we ever go astray or get lost
Remember our Lord died on the cross
With strength we can win
Against these creeping thoughts of sin
And if we pray for hours and hours
Eternal salvation will be ours

Those religious preachers we'll have to endure
But our souls will be clean and pure
Being with her would be total bliss
Just to hold hands, neck and kiss
Blinders on day to day
Make believe every thing's okay
Anyone got her home phone number
Life without Debbie is a total bummer

Your Death Wish is Sick -
Well my friend what you doing with your life
Couldn't do more damage if you used a knife
See you age s fast and i complain
So infatuated with a needle in your vein

Just a few kicks to get you off
So blind to the real cost
Your skin turns yellow you look so thin
Deep dark circles, we know where you've been

Just wishing you can hold your luck
It seems you don't give a royal fuck
Cause you sliding and then it's the end
Got to tell you cause your my friend

You gotta quit that shit
Get off your crash and die trip
So sad to see your life go so quick
Say it again your death wish is sick

Let's have a beer and try to make it last
Don't wanna see it all go so fast
You've gotta listen and get out of your haze
Hate to think you've got numbered days

That H is just a lot of junk
That speed you really don't need
Cocaine will make you crazy
It all makes you bleed

You got no answers, is it that much fun?
It'd only be quicker if you used a gun
Cause first you're sliding and then it's the end
Got to tell you cause you're my friend

You gotta quit that shit
Get off your crash and die trip
So sad to see your life go so quick
Say it again your death wish is sick

Massacred and Dismembered Culture -
I see spirits rising from war's sad remains
they have survived with their way of life
To rebuilt again with what you cannot destroy
The love in their hearts for their lives and their earth

You've massacred and dismembered them
You've tortured and mistreated them
But you'll never steal, you'll never kill
Their culture

And some will survive though you try to kill millions
And the ones that survive will demand retribution
There's truth to their pleas, their demands and their cries
And we have to stand up to your cheating and lies

You've massacre and dismembered
And the atrocities are remembered
but you'll never steal, you'll never kill their culture

before conquistadors and Christians and Custer's last stand
The Buffalo, Eagle and Navajo roamed free on this land
Hitler's Germany, Apartheid, Nicaragua's blood drenched sand
The tears of all the women, the folly of men
Hopi prophecies say "Peace will come to mother's earth's friends"

The old wise ones taught love and respect before they passed on
And the young, they remember and they sing spirit songs
Mr. Greed, Mr, Government we all know you are wrong
The more you try to divide us we grow together and strong
And we'll never die

You're massacring and dismembering us
Torturing and mistreating us
But you'll never steal
You'll never kill our culture

Police Related Death -
Racism is as american as apple pie
And if one black man dies who's gonna cry?
Smashed and handcuffed and beaten to death
One colored boy to deal with less

A graffiti artist was his crime
Mayor Koch says New York's finest are fine

Can justice really be this blind
Is the responsibility yours or mine?

South Bronx elderly woman can't pay her rent
She's a mental case so the SWAT team was sent
Wouldn't open the door so through the window they went
Blew her away in cold blood without regret

Pregnant woman from east L.A
Asked who knocked, they would not say
Refused to answer, those sheriffs went wild
Shot her in the stomach and she lost her child

Just another police related death

Those teenage boys from Texas caught with a little dope
It was Black Freedom Day, a prayer and a hope
Sent handcuffed in a boat to the middle of a lake
The boat sank, the boys drown, precautions they did not take

15,000 police homicides in America last year
How many dents did it make in any policeman's career?
The mayor and chief cry crocodile tears
Just look a but concerned as election time nears

Two sets of laws for the rich and the poor
Look at the prisons and tally the score
Black man's chance of prison one in four
Prejudice and racism wrapped in class war

If malcolm and Martin were alive today
How many lives of grief and pain they could relay
And how for these injustices can anyone repay?
And with what amount os sorrow can anyone convey?

How much suffering must be endured
before this social cancer can be cured?
Do color and class make one good or bad?
Doesn't prejudice and hate make humankind sad?

Millions of Dead Christians

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