Submissives – An Anvil Will Wear Out Many a Hammer

Fat Wreck Chords / Honest Don’s Badly Bruised Bottoms DON006-2

The Submissives are

Steve Andrews – drums

Pig Champion – guitar and bass

Dave Dictor – vocals

(Thanks to Mistress Isabella on Kotex Nectar Tea Party)

Words by Dave Dictor

Music by Pig Champion

Recorded at Mike Lastra Studios 12/96

Song Dedications:  Lesbian Bikers to Bo & S.F.’s Cogent Warriors / Sissy Made For You to Suzanne / Baby Dykes Kick My Ass to Tribe 8 / Modern Girls to Rosalind / Big Sister Sir to Erica / Thank You Mistress to Candace / What’ll I Do For You , H.D. / Thanks to Lisa and The Drapes, S.M., P.H.J. and Atlas

Track List -

1.  Lesbian Bikers Clubhouse Slut

2.  Submissive for Your Love

3.  Sissy Made for You

4.  Baby Dykes Kick My Ass

5.  Brown Star

6.  Kotex Nectar Tea Party

7.  Modern Girlz

8.  Castration Squad

9.  Girlfriend You’re So Fine

10.  Big Sister Sir

11.  Slaves of Corinth

12.  Thank You Mistress

13.  What’ll I Do for You?

14.  Ritual Submission on to Death

Lesbian Biers Clubhouse Slut

Lick your boots

Press your shirts

You slut pig boy

Here to give you joy

Kiss your hand

Give your commands

You are my ruler

Clean your guns

Take your abuse

Strap on fucked

Clean your house

Quiet as a mouse

You toilet maid

Watch you get laid

Slap you face

I know my place

My owner for life

Sharpen your knife

All you can share

Pull my hair

Kick me punch me

Slap me with a belt

Brand me scar me

Cover me with welts

Submissive for Your Love

Submissive for your love

I’ll be your pawn that you can play with

I promise you all that I can give

You can use me and toss me aside

Can I get you anything?  Your rule I’ll abide

You hold the power

I open doors

Pick me like a flower

I’ll come back for more

You can leave me flat

I’ll chase your hat

You behind I’ll always kiss

Bend over just like this

I know my place

Yours to use and debase

You’re always above

A sissy boy at your call

Kneel wait for you in the hall

When you beckon, I crawl

I know you are so regal and royal

Submissive for you love

Sissy Made for You

Sometimes I get so wound up

Don’t know if I’m coming or go

My clock’s running too fast

Craziness starting to show

Find yourself asking questions

To answers you already know

Like who was I made for?

When I know I was made for you

Made for you

You darling true blue

And that I love you like a son

And I’m sure that you’re the one

You’re the one to do so much for

And it is this that I am sure

Sometimes you act like

You don’t know me

Other times you won’t leave me alone

Sometimes I’m doing just fine

Other times I start to jones

Sometimes I forget the questions

When the answers I already know

Sometimes I think I know so much

Sometimes I don’t have a clue

Sometimes I act so smart

Sometimes I’m so kung fu

Sometimes I’m so together

Sometimes I’m coming unglued

Sometimes I got some answers

Sometimes I’m just a fool

Made for you

And I thought you already knew

We’ll be together

Until we’re seventy seven

I’m sure that this was made in heaven

‘Cause I know that this sissy maid

Was made for you

Baby Dykes Kick My Ass

Girlfriend, you’re so special and fine

You rule me all the time

Your spit is like fine wine

You control my body, soul, and mind

It’s you I serve, lesbian lass

I’m the sissy maid in your class

Girlfriend, I’m on my knees

My only purpose is to please

To my heart you hold the keys

Only your male toy to tease

Watch you play with your friends

A servant to your needs I attend

The future is yours, I have no past

Baby dykes, you kick my ass

Girlfriend, I’m on my knees

My only purpose is to please

To my heart you hold the keys

Only your male toy to tease

The future is yours, I have no past

Baby dykes, you kick my ass

Brown Star

You are the center of my universe

You understand love is so perverse

I was born to follow you always first

Under your power and

Glory I am immersed

Degradation is my high

Reasons for, I don’t know why

Momma don’t you cry

Devoted to my humiliation pie

Goddess your behind

Always on my mind

Erotic pleasure I so crave

(These dreams I’d never trade)

Brown start how fine you are

Thank you for your caviar

Brown star my anal bliss

Brown star I pucker and kiss

Your derriere in my face

Your waste I want to taste

There I patiently kneel and pray

Shit fool slave everyday

Look up into the nights

There is a place I feel so high

I am honored to be before thee

Brown star you’re my ecstasy

Your derriere in my face

Your waste I want to taste

There I patiently kneel and pray

Shit fool slave everyday

Kotex Nectar Tea Party

Bad moon rising

Keep your slave surprising

Nasty girls degrading a dirty boy

Women create a special nectar

Enter their world a devoted specter

Menstruation ritual for all to enjoy

Each shares their wine into a bowl

Entranced as the drama unfolds

Kneel in silence and say a prayer

See mistress’s friends grin and stare

Then one at a time you prostrate before each

Into their flowered jewels they reach

Bloodied kotex into the cauldron

Lick you lips when you’re done

‘Til your tea is brewed

Your thirst you will quench

With the blood and urine

Of your mistress wench

You are her slave

Her controlled tarty

At her kotex nectar tea party

So now it’s time to drink up hardy

At her kotex nectar tea party

Now it’s time to show ‘em you’re arty

At her kotex nectar tea party

Modern Girlz

Well it’s a new new modern world out there

And girly just want what’s fair

The old games that follow mom

Ain’t being used by

Steve, Dave and Tom

So watch your intentions

And what you say

People aren’t tissues

That you throw away

That bullshit just

Ain’t working no more

Modern girlz figured out the score

Tell you to fuck off

And slam the door

Wanna’ see you again never more

And boys don’t kill the messenger

Don’t get pouty and mad

Hey and if the girls really like us

It’s ‘cause our submission is rad

Give those girls their due

‘Cause what is said is true

Better deal with it cool

Nobody’s gonna’ be your fool

So dude get over the past

And get over it fast

‘Cause modern girlz, modern girlz

Modern girlz kick ass

Creepy days are done

They were never no fun

Girls getting some

Kick down some respect

You get some self control

This advise don’t you neglect

‘Cause now you’ve been told

So go out and have a blast

Treat everyone with class

‘Cause modern girlz, modern girlz

Modern girlz kick ass

Castration Squad

The rage and hate I feel

Is only healed when I hear your squeal

You’re off scott free for your sexual crimes

That you have perpetrated too many times

Now it’s time for me to avenge

Exact the perfect revenge

Kidnap your male ass off the street

Time for you to feel the heat


A pig of a man, think you’ll always have your way

Bad luck brother, it’s your judgment day

Think about the people you hurt

Now it’s time for you to eat dirt

Sisters in rage have a plan

To reduce your status as a man

Get you alone deep in the woods

Listen to you beg as you should

No one’s going to cry about your pain

No one gives a shit all the same

Trial is over, your sentence is read

It’s only your balls, it could be your head


Our prize we’ll keep it in a jar

Laugh about it in women’s bars

When people ask you why you walk so odd

Tell ‘em about your friends

On the castration squad

Girlfriend, You’re So Fine

You’re so fine every day

Your feminine grace I so respect

I’ll give you friendship and devotion

This you can always expect

You rule my world

What can I say?

You goddess, she person, so fine

You’re perfectly delightful in every way

Stunningly perfect all the time


You’re so special and I appreciate you

You mean so well whatever you do

It’s not just ‘cause you’re so nice

You’re so much more

Than sugar and spice

Everytime I see you

My heart starts to flutter

I see you smiling there

And I start to melt like butter

I’ll wait for you whenever you can

To fit in your life just say when

I get so nervous when you’re around

Butterflies in my stomach do abound


There is no where in this world

I would rather be

I feel so good when you are

Standing next to me

You saved me friend and I’m so indebted

And I feel so lightheaded

When you’re not around I sit and pine

You’re the only and only

My ultimate divine

Big Sister Sir

I’m so in love with my big sister sir

Someone I could always look up to

Keep me occupied, my sister

My female sarge

Lay down the rule, she’s the one always

In charge

Someone to direct me

Wash her clothes and polish her shoes

Teach me the ropes

Tell me what to do

Let me know when I was through

Slavery and incest

Under a female supremacist

Bound by blood to serve her

She’s my big sister sir

Pray to her panties

Lick them perfectly clean

My sister who rules me

Is my ruler and queen

Sleep on the floor

Kneel at the door

No complain

If I am sore

Girlfriend pajama parties

Tickled as they giggled

Taunted and humiliated

They watched as I wiggled

Strap on dildos

That I’d lick and suck clean

Pray to them, shine them

‘Till they would gleam

She was always strict

But never too mean

Always shared her drugs

She was never a fiend

Slavery and incest

Under a female supremacist

Bound by blood to serve her

She was my one and only

My flesh and blood

My big sister sir

Slaves of Corinth

Long ago in ancient Greece

A place I would have fitted

A great era where women ruled

And all men submitted

Matriarchal dominance

Was the law of the land

In politics and property

Women ruled over man

Males gave their bodies

Women took their souls

All the commands were followed

Men subjugated in their roles

Males were true and loyal

Women were strong and just

Society of female dominance

Males led by their lust

These males slaves

Enjoyed it all this way

Building temples to goddesses

In which everyday they would pray

Male submission was never debated

We were all women own and operated

Resigned and content in our place

Ruled by the expressions

Of our owner’s face

Under her domain, molded her way

Domesticated each in a different way

Imagine this great city

There was love and there was pity

Goddess temples everywhere

Women in charge, deciding man’s fate

Society free of violence and hate

This was a most splendid time and place

Women revered, your could make a case

The golden era of the human race

Thank You Mistress

Develop yourself some strange desires

Dominant women got me lit on fire

Dresses you silly like a French maid

Remember it’s you that paws

Not in the mood, you still have to obey

Down in the dungeon in the middle of the day

Mistress says, lay down for a golden treat

But first lick her toes and kiss her feet

Oh shit, fuck you too

Smell your assholes too

She orders you to open your mouth

Taste her amber nectar flowing south

You’re enslaved for the rest of your days

Have to give up your selfish ways

Taste your fudge and keep it together

Thank you mistress, may I have another?

Lowly slave at the bottom of the chain

Toilet pig slut is your new name

Lesbian Biker’s Clubhouse Slut

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