MDC - Smoke Signals 12”

Side A -

1. No More Cops (words - Alschvitz, music - Joe Orguera)

2. King of Thrash (words - Alschvitz, music - Ron Posner)

3. Drink to Forget (words & music - Franco)

4. The Big Picture (words & music - The Subhumans)

5. Skateboards from Hell (words - Alschvitz, music - Ron Posner)

6. Tofutti (words - Alschvitz, music - Little Richard)

7. South Africa is Free (words & music - Franco)

Side B -

1. Acceptable Risks (words - Alschvitz, music - Ron Posner)

2. Missile Destroyed Civilization (words - Alschvitz & Franco, music - Franco)

3. Soup Kitchen Celebrity (words & music - Alschvitz)

4. Country Squawk (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - David Dictor)

5. Paradise Lost (words & music - Franco)

6. Smoke Signals (words & music - M.D.C.)


R Radical Records 1984

Musicians: * last recording with x-con ron on guitar until November 1988

A.  1984

David Dictor vocals

Ron Posner (x-con ron) guitar (Side A. songs 1, 2, 4, 5 / Side B. song 1)

Joe Orguera bass (Side A. songs 1, 2, 4, 5 / Side B. song 1)

Alschvitz drums

B.  1986

David Dictor vocals

Gordon Fraser guitar (all other songs)

Franco bass (all other songs)

Alschvitz drums


Tom Albino guitar (Side B. song 2)

Dave “Machine Gun” Dick guitar (Acoustic Guitar Side B. song 4)

Original Liner Notes:

Produced by M.D.C. and Garry Creiman.

Recorded June of 1986 at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, CA

Engineers: Garry Creiman and Deanne Franklin

Cover painting and other art design and layout by Quill

Mastered by Carole at K-Disc

Photo by Natalie of Ann Arbor

Manufactured by Tabb Rex Enterprises

Remembering Mitch the Bitch

Mitchell Gelberg (1954 – 1986)

     Farewell to a loyal friend . . . If you had only three words to describe “Mitch the Bitch”, - soup kitchen celebrity would do it but he was far too complex to be summed up in three words.  He was eccentric but sane, always honest and open, Mitch was a keyboard wizard, an innovator who would have introduced keys to hardcore rock.  His anxious efforts to fuse all genres of music together, through his instrument, was starting to gel.  He could play finger percussion better than anyone I’ve ever seen.  He was an artist – suffered as one, practiced and perfected his skills as one, and loved his obsession as one.  He was supposed to play piano on this track . . . Mitch and I spent hours constructing organ/drum duets from covers songs, his favorite was “Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man” . . . I hope you’ve found sanctuary now my friend.  by Alschvitz

Monument to The Vats – Mission Dolores CA

No More Cops

I dreamed last night No more cops
It felt alright No more cops
No need to fight No more cops

'Cause no one needs to steal
Everyone gets a meal
If it was only real
We'd need no more cops

We’re snug and warm
And safe in our home
And if we were left alone
We'd need no more cops

I dreamed last night no police
An army-less world doomed to peace
And now as all my dreaming stops
I see it clear, we need no more cops

No need to fear
I'd want to cheer
And I wish you were here
Before my slumber stops

It seems to me
That if we're really free
We need no more cops

No Holy War No more God
No more rent No more deeds
No more money No more greed
No more hate No more fear

No one unhappy No one sad
No one ripped off No one mad
But I awake Here instead
I wish I had Stayed in bed

I'd stay asleep in the deep
And in my thoughts I'd keep
No more cops

When life gets mean
Share in the dream
Until you scream - no more cops
I dreamed late last night

No more cops
No more cops
No more cops

King of Thrash

If you’re willing and you’re fit

Hold your own in the pit

If you’re a little out of your tree

Maybe you’ll grow up to be

The King of Thrash

Forget the past, Mr. King of Thrash

Just have a blast

So grab a beer, the music’s fast

Just don’t get trashed Mr. King of Thrash

King of Thrash     self-appointed

King of Thrash     self-ordained

King of Thrash     self anointed

Don’t settle for less

Be the best

The King of Thrash

At the Hamm’s Vat Resort

Or the Lower East side of New York

The jester smiles in the court

Of the King of Thrash

Forget the past

Mr. King of Thrash, just have a blast

So grab a beer, the music’s fast

Just don’t get trashed, Mr. King of Thrash


Long live the King

Long live the King

Long live the King

Long live –

The King of Thrash!

Drink to Forget

Dropped out of school that day

Joined up – right away . . .

Drafted by the mid of May

Taught me how to obey

Had no cash to get away

Day to night to night to day,

It didn’t have to be this way,

But every day I have to pay

You asked me why – now I say:

They said it’s kill or you’ll be killed.

They said it’s what I had to do,

Or in Vietnam I’d be one dead fool.

I worked for the U.S. war machine,

They paid me well to be so mean

Forever I will be in debt

The smell of bloodshed, hundreds dead

Bombs, men, crying children

The lovely women I shot dead

It could have been me instead.

Those sights and sounds scream in my head.

Now I drink and drink and drink, drink some more

Every day the movie plays

Again, again inside my brain

‘Til I can’t take it anymore:

Other laugh, but they don’t know

The pain I feel down to my soul

I didn’t know no better then

And now each day I gotta

Drink to Forget.

I carry scars head to toe

Feel the pain you’ll never know

Napalm and Agent Orange

Are cancer causing my slow death

The sweetness of life

Has turned bitter to taste

The only friend I have left

Is the drink . . . I Drink to Forget.

Now I drink and drink and drink, drink some more

I killed and fought for Uncle Sam

Now I kill my memories anyway I can

For the lives I took, I pay the debt

Every day I Drink to Forget.

I gotta Drink to Forget,

Drink, Drink, Drink to Forget.

The Big Picture – The Subhumans (Canada)

The factories have been looking for me

They’re talking among themselves

Try to put me on their shelves

There’s a 9 to 5er slot they have got

Waiting for me

It’s the best one that they’ve got

But it’s not right for me

I don’t fit in the big picture

The big structure has been trying to get me

They want me for a day

To help me find the way

Fill out these forms for us

Do your best for us

Cause all we want from you

Is to tell you what to do

I don’t fit in the big picture

I don’t wanna play their game

I don’t wanna be the same

Like all the people on the street

Who always look so beat

They walk like their next step

May be the last one they may get

I don’t fit in the big picture

Skateboards from Hell

Skateboards from Hell

Watch out below!

Hey Joe, whataya know

Gro a little fast, go a little slow

Skin a knee, break a toe

Holy Moses, look out below!



My mom says to get a job

My youth – to precious – I shall not

Looks so easy – see, no fuss

My board is rolling under a bus!

Now I lie here in pain

Feel like I was hit by a train

Dreams of skating must be insane

Singing this mournful refrain


Run for your lives!

Takes some skill (and a little luck)

Watch the car door, dodge a truck

Or you’ll feel like a hockey puck


. . . woooo . . .  waaaa

Just one thing you should know:

Before you go fast, learn to go slow

It can hurt a lot and I ain’t lying

I’ll ride again or die trying


Look out below!


Tooti Fruity – Tofutti

Holy Moley – Guacamole

What you say – Tempeh

Hey baby, it’s crazy

Tooti Fruity – Tofutti

That’s right, we got shakes,

We ain’t got no steaks

Cold and creamy and sweet on top

Smooth and dreamy and I just can’t stop

Give me a pint or make it a quart

I just can’t quit once I start

Tooti Fruity – Tofutti

Rooti Tooti – Tofutti

Tooti Fruity – Tofutti

(Thanx to Little Richard and to those who helped Dave with his Veggie Snack Bar)

South Africa is Free

We’re all working for the day

When the whole wide world will stand and say:

“All God’s Children got to have their freedom!

South Africa is free from Apartheid!”

Apartheid has lost – the People have won.

The People have won and now

Apartheid is gone.

We can no live, knowing what we know

With Apartheid and so Apartheid must go.

The people have changed their minds today

And so Apartheid must go away.

The winds of change blow

And freedom seeds grow

And on thing we know

Apartheid must go!

It’s been way too long

The people are strong.

We’re on freedom’s side

Singing this song:

We’re all working for the day

When the whole wide world will say:

And soon Atlanta will be free from Apartheid

And soon the Bronx will be free from Apartheid

And soon Big Mountain will be free from Apartheid

And what about Oakland?

Babies dying in Oakland.

And what about your home town?

I said . . .

When will you’n’me be free?

Acceptable Risks

Acceptable risks . . . the Challenger lost

Acceptably risky O-rings in frost

They trusted the dealer who stacked up the cards

Was Christa aware of the actual odds?

“Acceptable” - a word ominously vague

God knows what’s O.K. with Reagan or Haig

Risks estimated statistically cold,

They’ve antied you up, it’s too late to fold.

Acceptable risks – acceptable by whom?

Closed door accountants in back smokey rooms

Untestable theory they built us a nuke

But live far away in case of a “fluke”

They sing a song of apple-pie and mom

Reactor disaster or Hydrogen H-bomb

The rescue trumpet blows but the cavalry’s gone

We are the losers in their dirty game

Fall over themselves – shifting the blame

The knee in our backs

Dead in our tracks

Statistical facts

Humanity lacks

Don’t wanna fuckin’ burn!

Can’t we fuckin’ learn?

Like the buffalos

Or the Navahos

When the whole thing blows . . .

That’s acceptable

Though quite regrettable

Cold war’s hot

Well thanks a lot


Missile Destroyed Civilization

Our leaders claim necessity

The clergy says we’re blessed

The emergency broadcast system

Just said this is not a test

The unthinkable, unbelievable

It’s right before your eyes

Missile Destroyed Civilization

For National Security

The Government will lie

And those reports supporting

Their deterrent alibi

Words ring faint to empty

When the red fills the sky

Reflecting in a fear

In your loved one’s eye

No time left for scapegoats

Once it’s gone away

Air Force I is floating

Death count decoding

Radiants corroding

War heads exploding

Missile Destroyed Civilization

The war machine masters

Their profits will abound

They’ll own it all some day

With no left around

They’ll leave our blue-green planet

All burnt and smokey brown

Safe in their rooms

Escaping the doom

The mushroom will bloom

Our home are our tombs

Recklessness astounding

Tidal wave pounding

Earthquakes surrounding

Air raid sirens sounding

Missile Destroyed Civilization

It wasn’t very long ago

The U.S.A. was great

Not the land that even

Our friends have grown to hate

But economic interests

Must not decide our fate

For when the dies is cast, alas

It will be much too late

Reason why we’re hated abroad

East meets West on a world chess board

Common market capitalist block

Pointing at Russia with our imperialist cock

Who’d believe Christ’s words of peace

Would leave so many dying or deceased

Are you ready to say goodbye?

Kiss sweet life farewell and prepare to die

Or live it our mourning, shovel earth from above

On top of pine boxes holding ones your love

Holding back tears, remember her kiss

As you die from cancer, feebly shake your fist

Missile Destroyed Civilization!

Missile Destroyed Civilization!

Soup Kitchen Celebrity

Well unknown people and auspicious folks

No big egos here ‘cause we’re all fucking broke

So brother don’t cut in front of me

‘Cause I’m a soup kitchen celebrity

It’s where the great, the greater and greatest meet

‘Cause you don’t feel too great with nothing to eat

And it’s good enough for you if it’s good enough for me

To be a soup kitchen celebrity

Yes, I’m a soup kitchen celebrity

At Martin de Porres from 12 to 3

Grab the 7-Haight up to Cole and Waller

When I believe my calorie intake to be low

I go down to Divisadero to hear Coltrane blow

‘Cause I’m a soup kitchen celebrity

Well there’s Bob Noxious with Tim C2D

Hey – it’s Gary Floyd right next to me.

And my favorite dishwasher gets in wherever he please:

Mr. Darrin Peligro of the Dead Kennedys.

So I don’t wanna hear

When you’re in my home town

That you’re hungry and poor

‘Cause we’re all chowing down,

And if it’s good enough for you it’s good enough for me

‘Cause we’re all soup kitchen celebrities.


You’ve an open invitation to swallow your pride

‘Cause if it had not been for soup kitchens

We all might have died

And if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me

To be a lip -- smackin’

                -- ever lovin’

                -- home cookin’

                -- where’s-the-seconds-line?

Soup Kitchen Celebrity.

Country Sqawk

When I walk into the store
They sell the chickens by the score
But eating dead birds just ain’t for me

I don’t eat roast beef or fish
Porky Pig is not my dish
Just go ahead and let your chickens be

In chicken circles it’s Adolph Perdue
Wants to feed featherless chicken to you
I don’t take orders from Colonel Sanders
Do you?

I don’t wanna eat no hens
Not even every now or then
Wanna let all the chickens be

Bawk, bawk, bawk...
Swing to the east and swing to the west
Swing with the chickens you love best
Come on down and do the chicken sqawk with me

Wishing Daffy lots of luck
Cause Elmer Fudd’s a hunting duck
They’re dreaming about their little frickassee

And Bugs Bunny is a friend of mine
Eating him I’d feel like Frankenstein
Eating flesh seems pretty foul to me

So on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve
Give them turkeys a reprieve
Ain’t no turkey got to die for me

Foghorn, Leghorn wrote to me
Say’s MDC’s alright by me
Cause we all learned to let our chickens free


Lordy Jesus this must be the end
They got us eating our cartoon friends
Emancipate those little chicadees

Swing to the east and swing to the west
Swing to the chicken you love best
Come and do the chicken sqawk with me

Paradise Lost (for Linus of Tales of Terror)

Who is murdering the women in Seattle?

Why are these murders allowed to continue?

Who is in charge; who is responsible?

A million missing children!

How is it ever going to stop if the neglect continues?

The psychological and sociological healing

Needs to take place.

Not hide your head in the sand

Locked behind a wall,

So smugly resolved.

We want, we work for, we pray for

The Age of Aquarius.

Human Potential Maximized.

Evolution of our Planet.

We want to run through fields

Of flowers, of butterflies

Total bliss, natural harmony,

Clean mountains, fresh air and water

Like a real paradise

So wonderful, right, heaven on earth

Did ya get it, got it, good?!

But the sad truth is that there are

Some seriously sick people out there in

Our Garden of Eden who use and hurt

Who use and hurt men women and children

Rape, torture, and murder them

Throw them away, hefty bag mummies to be

Dumped in shallow graves or anywhere

Sick people in this disturbed world

Lurking in the shadows

Preparing to steal the lives

Of our children and loved ones

Very deranged people, no remorse

We sorrow for their actions

Who is murdering the women in Seattle?

Why are these murders allowed to continue?

Who is in charge; who is responsible?

A million missing children!


Paradise lost

King of Thrash

Mitchell Gelberg

Dave’s Snack Bar

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