MDC – Metal Devil Cokes

Side A -

1.  Huddled Masses (words & music - Al Schvitz & Barry D’Alive)

2.  Dirty Harry for President (words & music - Dave Dictor & Al Schvitz)

3.  White Men in Suits (words & music - Dave Dictor)

4.  Three Blind Mice (words & music - Dave Dictor & Al Schvitz)

5.  Tofu Spaghetti (words & music - Dave Dictor)

6.  Snuffed Out (words & music - Eric Calhoun)

7.  Deep in the Heart [of Racist Amerikkka] (words - MDC, music - Don Swander)

8.  Acid Reindeer (words & music - Dave Dictor)

Side B -

1.  I Was a Dupe for the RCP (words & music - Dave Dictor)

2.  Metal Devil Crossoverture (words & music - Franco)

3.  Hole in My Soul (words & music - Al Schvitz)

4.  I’m a Knucklehead (words & music - Bill Stroppel & MDC)

5.  Ain’t It Funny [How It All Works Out] (words & music - Dave Dictor & Al Schvitz)

6.  Mongoloid (words & music - Eric Calhoun)

7.  Love Potion No. 9 (words & music - The Clovers)

8.  Something for Everyone (words - MDC & Bill Stroppel, music - Paul Nicholes)

R Radical Records 1988

Original Liner Notes:

Dave “Kuncklehead” Dictor – vocals

Eric Calhoun – guitar

Franco Mares – bass,

Al Schvitz – drums

Front Cover Art by Jay Ed

Back Cover Art by Jenny Jo Brown

Metal Devil Cokes produced by MDC, Boner Records, John Loder, and Gary Crieman

Recorded at Hyde Street Studios by Gary Crieman

Metal Devil Cokes concept by MDCC and Brian Schvitz

Cindy Wigginton (Bedlam Rovers): Viola on “Something for Everyone” / Jeremy Burn (Bedlam Rovers): Bouzouki on “Something for Everyone” / Caroleen (Bedlam Rovers): Flute on “Something for Everyone” / Lydia Paweski: Vocals on “Hole in My Soul” / Ditte Zijp: Voice on “I’m a Knucklehead” / Jesse Jo Brown, Rosel Brown, Juanito Mares: Children’s voices on “I’m a Knucklehead” / Billy Stroppel and Michelle Zydenbos: Background vocals on “Ain’t It Funny” / Knucklehead Choir: Paul Nicholes, Marcia Tree Skatesurf, Chris Dodge, Lydia Rose Paweski, Heidi Wallentine, Lisa Pasbjerg, David Whitaker, Shannon Marr, Dan Gibbs, EJ Wray, Rebekah, Hannes (KGB), Agent Jay (PCT), AWOL, Motor City Sara, Ditte Zijp, Suze, Carleen, Michael Dean, Viki Solo, Peanut Butter, Lobster Tail, Lil Mike, Wendy Bardsley / Pierre Benitomako: Road Dog

Thanx: Michael Smith, Kathedrarl B in Toronto, Timmy Yo, Martha Burke, Bob Moselle, Tom Flynn xxxoxox hugs & kisses for Mr. Flynn, Michelle Shcoked, Luis Cuadros, Rissa, Barry D’Alive, Paul Nicholes, Debbie Gordon, Danny Sullvian, Thomas Issler and Margit, Babylon Burning, Section 8, Savage Amsterdam, Lawrence Livermore

Huddled Masses

Some came to America, in search of better lives

Brought Bibles and disease, their families and their wives

Some came for government,

in which they’d have a voice

Some came in shackles

no one gave them any choice

Those who came for avarice

to rape the virgin land

Some came from hunger

from a famine plagued land

Others crave adventure

to see what they could learn

Some were stolen from their families

never to return

Those who came to worship

the way they felt was right

So called darky heathens

commanded to the light

of the blond hair Nazi Jesus

to which they were forced to pray

Shoved the cross down their throats

still choke on it today

The U.S. History books

where the bullshit will abound

Say African tribal leaders

sold their brothers down

it might ease white man’s conscience

‘bout things he used to do

By telling lies to justify

what just ain’t friggin’ true

But now we’re all unshackled

and some folks say, “We’re all free”

and some are so naive

they say we have “equality”

But I say move to Harlem

for one month and when it’s done

You’ll know the desperation

that made your forefathers run

Dirty Harry for President

USA - Make my day

CIA - Make my day

Points of light

Laser bright

peering searing

Through the night

Go ahead vagrants make my day

Homeless indigents make my day

I’m warning you don’t get in my way

Come on punk make my day

Look who’s in power today

A hit man for the CIA

A kinder, gentler corpse

Enforced with magnum force

Cloaked by national security

Sounds like pleading the fifth to me

Some folks say “Where was George?”

With Washington at Valley Forge?

He was there well informed and awake

But he lives with his neck at stake

No one even pretends

That Noriega and Bush are not friends

If the truth is ever resolved

We’ll see just how much they’re all involved

Pregnant girls make my day

Death row cons make my day

El Salvador better pray

The savior has sent a better day

CIA that sleazy crew

Covert coercion untold to you

The perfect crime a fool proof plan

Capone and Ness are the same man

You think you can do what you want
And never be held to account

All the grandchildren will pay

So go ahead George make my day

White Men in Suits

White men in suits are coming after me

White men in suits want me to see

White men in suits how I should be

White men in suits say you get nothing for free

White men in suits keep their hair neat

White men in suits shiny shoes on their feet

White men in suits to get up and shave

White men in suits so well behaved

White men in suits have a good job

White men in suits never join the mob

White men in suits always so clean

White men in suits act like machines

White men in suits chop down the trees

White men in suits church on their knees

White men in suits say you better say please

White men in suits I cannot agree

White men in suits you’re in my dreams

White men in suits you’re not what you seem

White men in suits you’re such an empty bag

White men in suits you’re such a drag

White men in suits are coming after me

White men in suits can go climb a tree

White men in suits tell me that I smell

White men in suits can all go to hell

Three Blind Mice

Dopey Sleazy, Ollie Sleepy

Blind mice with cut off tails

Reagan, Hitler, Bushafella

The “train that could derail”

All de kings horses and his men

Have omelets laced in shell

On leopard skinned ivory walls

The Humpty Planet fell

As the witch measures

Hansel’s finger bone

Ungodly rays of cancer

The unholy ozone

It’s a balding planet

Like the old man’s head

The blind mice shrug

Drink a mug then

Two weeks in Club Med

The Spinning Wheel spin reason

Into Plutonium Brick

Our children’s children’s children

Eating fish and getting sick

When cold and waste and clouds

Are all left to atone

The Bright Blue Balance

Living Sphere

We used to call our home

When all the valleys

are strip-mined to stone

Dwarves say “heigh-ho”

ET cries “phone home”

Mother Earth loses her patience

and loudly and plainly

cries “leave me alone”

The 3 Blind mice keep spending

The planet hungry stays

The piper pipes, the bell tolls

Where’s Wimpy it’s Tuesday

While buffalo and condors

Are missing Noah’s boat

Another man-made razor blade

At all God’s creatures throat

Meanwhile in Washington

Something running late

Maleficent laugh ‘til she roars

Cruella thinks it’s great

The wizard of Oz is mourning

The bank foreclosed his farm

Lonely as the bloody boy

Who sounds the wolf alarm

When nature warned us gently

The point is often missed

But when she shakes and floods and burns

You know that Mama’s pissed

Pandora brought a steering truck

Bush just shakes his fist

She’ll make us reap what we sow

The poison apple kissed

3 bears and bad wolves

Deserve an excuse

Choose Dickens or Grimm

Or old Dr. Seuss

Washington Sneeches and Madison Grinches

are letching us into the noose!

So where was Georgy Porgy

With his crony Mr. Heep

Prince Charming is grown fat and bald

Van Winkle’s still asleep

King Midas in an iron lung

turned golden by his touch

they let him out on Thursdays hobbling

On a golden crutch

While the Evil still living

once upon a time

reads Mother Goose

with a vodka and lime

merciless worthless nursery rhyme

The last to leave the death star

It’s Santa’s final flight

Happily ever after

to all a goodnight

Sadly ever after and

to all a good night

Darkly ever after and

to all a good night

Deadly ever after

A thousand points of light

Deadly ever after and

no eternal light

Deadly ever after and

just eternal night

Deadly ever after and

to all a good night

Tofu Spaghetti

World hunger is so senseless and sad

What can one person do?

I think maybe if we can put together a recipe

For sharing the resources more sensibly

but first you need a pot

then a pan

fill with water

some olive oil

chop the garlic

some oregano

throw in the green peppers

and those onions too!

Now it’s all in the pot cooking

it’s getting time to add the tofu

You know, tofu from soy beans

More protein and so much more efficient than meat

whoo the water’s boiling

time to add the spaghetti

and for the flying garlic

add into the sauce

put at low heat

such a treat

put in the tofu

now you’re looking good

You too can cook this gastronomic treat

it’s not really such a big feat

think if everyone got to eat

we’d all feel really sweet

the water’s boiling

test the noodles

give the sauce

a good stir

get the plates

and the napkins

call everybody

‘cause it’s time to eat

Gonna have the whole world over

Breakin’ bread at one table

So come on over

We’re almost ready

Serving up that Tofu Spaghetti

Al’s got the wine

Eric’s tossed the salad

Franco’s got the garlic bread

got the glasses

got the time

So nice to be here

feel so fine

Doesn’t this feel so good

Everybody feeling good just like it should

Smiling and having a good party

With all my best friends

Snuffed Out

I saw you comin’ in

If I’d only known

You ran right on up here

But there’s no place to go

Of course you shook the air

Or else it was the end

Of course you shook the Ai...r

Fuckin’ shot me dead, dea...d

Who do I fee-fee-fee-fear

I don’t know - (A farmer in El Salvador)

You’re stuffin’ me-me-me-me out -

(A student in the Philippines)

Who do I fee-fee-fear

I don’t know - (A mother in Mozambique)

You’re stuffin’ me-me-me-me out

Death-squads everywhere

Deep in the Heart (of Racist Amerikkka)

The policeman is in the Ku Klux Klan

Careful if your name is Schwartz or Chan

Crosses burn bright every night

You can kiss goodbye your Civil Rights

Migrants still cower for fifty cents an hour

The same ol’ slave masters are still in power

Governor’s got the gall to build a Berlin Wall

Keeping Meskins out is for the good of us all

You’re not really welcome if you’re not lily white

All them Baptists swear they’ve seen the light

Killed all the Indians to steal their land

And sure enough we went and moved our band

Acid Reindeer

Candle light dinners and just being with you

Feeling so romantic and feeling so warm inside

But then I start to thinking

Just how stinky things really are

I think of Chernobyl and the toxic waste dumps

and the hole in the ozone the size of the United States

I think of dead fish and Dolphins that wash up on our shores

I think of Condors or Black Rhinos and the tons of

thousands of animals facing extinction (in our lives)

But I wanna forget all that madness

And just think about how good you make me feel

Yes you do, you really do, you do

Then I see the pictures of Reindeer

in Norway dying from being downwind from toxic air

I think of children in San Francisco

dying of Leukemia and new terms like

“cancer clusters,” makes me feel so blue

I Was a Dupe for the RCP

Sitting at home watching TV

Phone rings someone wants to speak to me

“No Business as Usual” needs a benefit show

Could our band play? they need to know

I said “Are you sure this is not the RCP?”

“Hey really” the voice said “not me”

We have some friends stuck in jail

and the money we collect could pay the bail

I say no problem we’ll give it a go

We’d really like to raise some dough

You got a place, you got a date

Well fine then that’s really great

We get to the show and what do we see?

banners and newspapers from the RCP

I find the man who had spoke to me

He said “I was a dupe for the RCP”

I was a dupe for the RCP

Now everyone looks funny at me

A double agent for the FBI

They look at me and wonder why

Now even my band looks weird at me

Could happen to anyone can’t you see

My band says Dave work on your poetry

and don’t book us no more for the RCP

I was a dupe for the RCP

Metal Devil Cokes

He laughs and commands “you get down on your knees

Bow down your heads and all pray to me”

Radioactive demon wicked laughter and jokes

All the while scheming Metal Devil Cokes

Make it sweet as candy, pretty to the eye

Push it to the kiddies, sell it with a lie

Tommy had to try it, asked me to try it too

But a little voice inside said you know what’s good for you

His teeth started melting, his stomach melted too

I knew he’d lost his mind by the time the can was through

Metal Devil Cokes

Caramel colored hoax

rusty kettle

teeth are brittle

Metal Devil Cokes

Metal Devil Cokes

Through your gut it soaks


Rotten dental

Sentimental folks

Metal Devil Cokes

Friendly bunch of blokes



Metal Devil Cokes

But he just kept on drinkin’, cuz he was possessed

Sugar and caffeine, the phosphoric acid test

Then he just melted to a puddle on the floor

Skin and bones dissolved and flowed right out of the door

Down the sewer to the river, down the river to the sea

With a half-life of forever it killed the fish and me

Now the world’s polluted with Metal Devil Cokes

Well I guess I’m just lucky, drank most drinks from A to Z

But cuz I didn’t drink Cokes the Lord had mercy on me

So here I am in heaven, poison water folks

And the boatman on the boat to hell is metal devil cokes

The jester in the gallery is metal devil cokes

He laughs and commands “you get down on your knees

Bow down your heads and all pray to me”

Hole in My Soul

I got a hole in my soul

How can I roll, how can I rock

I got a hole in my sock

I got a hole in my sock

How can I rock, how can I roll

I got a hole in my soul

I know just who you are

You’ll never get very far

Cause I just saw your car

I got a joint in my hand

I apologize to my brother Dan

I got a hole in my soul

How can I rock, how can I roll

I got a hole in my soul

I’m a Knucklehead

I’m a knuckle

You’re a knuckle

We’re all knuckleheads

Don’t you know even your brother

and your mother too

Could even be your little sister

and your poppa too

Don’t you know even your teachers

And the kids at your school

Even all the local politicians

And the president too

Now I’ve grown a little bit older

But I’m still a kid at heart

Life I can see is a comic opera

Everyone’s got their part

Ain’t It Funny

Ain’t it funny how it all works out

Sometimes you’re happy, sometimes you pout

Sometimes the liquor that you fill your snout

Ain’t it funny that it all works out

Sometimes they love you, sometimes they don’t

Sometimes they can’t, sometimes they won’t

Sometimes you wonder what it’s all about

Ain’t it funny how it all works out

A little skepticism is something I have found

Can be a handy thing to have around

I eat my sugar, I likes my malt

But I take it all with a grain of salt

Sometimes you walk, sometimes you run

Sometimes you fly too close to the sun

Playing it smart but sometimes you doubt

Ain’t it funny how it all works out

The moral forthcoming in this song

Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re talking about

Ain’t it funny how it all works out


Where’d you get that mongoloid child

you been out havin’ fun

drinkin’ and partyin’

and you wonder why in hell

your kids got down syndrome

Smokin’, cokin’, disregard

reality sure hit you hard

I bet you’ll be real surprised

to find your baby has no eyes

Your disrespect for human life

is more than I can stand

If you don’t put that needle down

I’ll smash it from your hands

Somebody oughta chastise you

for the things that you do

ignorance is no excuse

for this kind of cruel abuse

Something for Everyone

Across the beautiful ocean

Across the deep blue sea

Around the cape of feel good

Is where it’s said to be

But one thing’s for sure

When under the Bonnie Sun

That when you’re in Bonnie Fair

There’ll be something for everyone

It’s something kinda common

It’s something rather rare

It’s something reassuring

For those in despair

It’s never too cold

It’s never too hot

We might run dry of scotch

But you never run out of pot

Its quilt is red and brown

crossed with black and white

something to keep you warm

on a cold winter’s night

Something for the kiddies

Something for Mom and Dad

Something to never leave them

ever feeling sad

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