HEY COP . . .


MDC - Hey Cop, If I Had a Face Like Yours... 12”

1. Millions of Dead Cops [2:56] (words - David Dictor, music - Bill Collins)
2. Mark of the Farmer [1:58] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
3. U.S. War #54 [3:21] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
4. Gig and Die in L.A. [1:26] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
5. Beat Somebody Up [2:19] (words & music - Bill Collins)
6. Nowhere to Go [1:58] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
7. I Do Not Wish [2:10] (words - Andy “Sunfrog” Smith, David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
8. If I Had a Face[1:59] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
9. It's Later Than You Think [2:09] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
10. Lambada Me [1:33] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
11. The Jew That Got Away [2:10] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Bill Collins)
12. Moneypile [2:39] (words & music - Bill Collins)
13. Cockrocker [1:15] (words & music - Bill Collins)
14. The Crime of Rape [2:32] (words & music - Bill Collins)
15. Black Christmas [4:31] (words & music - Bill Collins)

R Radical Records 1991

Original Liner Notes:

David Lee Dictor – vocals

Al Schvitz – drums

Bill Collins – guitar

Matt McCall Freeman – bass

Engineer – Wendy Bardsley / 2nds – Matt Kelley, Toni, Garry Crieman

Recorded at Hyde Street Studios, SF

Front Cover Photo by Aicha Woods, Concept by Al Schvitz and Dave Dictor / Back Cover Art by Leon Cavallo / Label Art by Marcus from Germany / Typesetting by Lydia Rose Paweski / Background Vocals: Crime of Rape: Lydia Rose Paweski, Adrian Spitboy, Todd Spitboy, Bronwyn Paxton Quiggley. The Jew That Got Away: Ron Grinch, Dave Neurosis, Jesse Blatz, Jay Hawke / Tour Stylie Hosts: Gilman Street Security

Inspiration: The Dicks, Crass, The Dead Kennedys, Tom Jennings/Homo Core, Fugazi, Citizen Fish, Rick Agnew (Barefoot Euro Winter Tour King), Econochrist, The Popstitutes, Neurosis, Yeastie Girlz, Spermbirds, Cringer, Culturecide, Philip K. Dick, Noam Chomsky, Live and Die in L.A. Punkx, Divine, SS Decontrol, NoMeansNo, Ray Melville, KD Lang, Roy Orbison, L7, Public Enemy, Bikini Kill, Vegan vegetarians (all), Fifteen, Filth, Mudwimin, Tribe 8, Victims Family, Bongwater, Moses, Matt and Looter, Robin Komotion, Little Mike M.O.M., Bulimia Banquet, Lily Braindrop, Mykel Board, Ben Weasel, and especially youth liberation Punx and squatters worldwide, SF Weekly and the Bay Guardian, Washington D.C.’s Positive Force, Geronimo Pratt, The Nation Magazine, Melissa Mankiller President of the Cherokee Nation, Reasonable and radical malcontents everywhere, Big Mountain Native Americans, KPFA, Lauri Di and Seeds of Peace.

Dave Thanx: Tomy Flynn,  Ron Posner, Buxf Parrot, Gary Floyd, Vince Rancid, Jenny Jo Brown, Franco, John Quill, Gordon Fraser, Eric Calhoun, Mike Donaldson, Tammy Cleveland, Tim, Martin and Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Jello Biafra, Tom Albino, Michelle Shocked, China, Andy Sun Frog, Jimi Irving, Sid and Lori Lei, Steve K Stonybrook FM, Little Richard, Life Sentence, John Loder, We Bite Records, Garry Crieman, Bred by Dred, Richard of Stick Against Stone, Flipside, Bad Newz, Bruce la Bruce, last but not least Deek and Peter Pan, and also, really, all the fine folks since Austin, Texas, January 1980.

Tour Thanx: Aicha Woods, Debbie Stockman, Lint Irving, Fitzjoy, Doug, Karen, Mark, and Utte, Pierre, Shawn MacDonald, Guilt Parade, and Henry the Tour Dog, Gilman Street Security.

Great Gig Hotspots: Komotion, ABC No Rio, Ave. C Squat, Philadelphia Scene, Minneapolis Mark, Chitown, T.O. Anarchos, Fort Goof, It’s Good To Be Back Home Detroit, Cinci, Ohio, Tijuana, and of course Bubba and the City of Angels L.A., Yugo Punx, Italian squats, Forte Presente, Leon Cavallo, El Paso, Indiana, Berlin the EX, Ungdomshuset (and Adam), Lopen Cristiania, Hamburg Flora, Wurzburg, Heiko of Marl, Bremen, Munich, Lyon, Bikini Club, Toulouse, Paris and Nadia, Belgium, Parke Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Bilboa, Madrid, and Barcelona, Clubstitute, only last because of stupid ageist American laws. R.I.P.: Michael Smith -- T.O..  Anarchist Human Being, Julianno Scab – SF, Teen Rock Idol/Hero, John Marcus -- Circle One.

Thanx from Al Schvitz: No delays/triggers used on these tracks, and we’d like to thank Chype Sullivan.

Thanx from Bill: Aicha, Daemien, Nina Collins, The Schleicher-Woods Family, Patti, Katie, John, Karen S., Anna Mosity, Amanda, Aryana, Echonochrist and all at L’il Arkansas, Special Forces, Esp. Orlando, Neurosis, Grinch, Spitboy, Paxton Quiggley, Filth, Blister, Absolutely Zippo, East Bay Soccer Punx, Bunch of Fucking Goofs, Toronto, Paolo and Ciccilia (Rome), David Wildcat (Switzerland), Tete (Bilbo), In Breman, All at Change Music, Esp. Caro and Bettina, All at the Lemans, Esp. Fernando Die Schlacht, Korrupt, Marco, Daniel & Sylke, A.S.L., The Auslander Gang, Marc, Sabine, all Bremen and Bremen-word punx and Auslander everywhere.

Major influences: Ron Posner, Tony Nitwitz and Slime.

Special Thanx: Tony Giuliano for the speaker, ace mechanical help from Steve and Mitch at Canyon High Performance in Concord, and last but not least the staff and students at Contra Costa Alternative High School, 10 Irwing Way, Orinda, CA 94563. I would like to dedicate my contribution to this LP to Aicha, Daemien, and the memory of my sister Jeanette.

Thanx from Matt: Lint, O.P.I.V., Marty Niner, Cathy B., Very Small Records, Kamala, Schlong, Anna and Blatz, and the entire East Bay Scene.

Millions of Dead Cops -
Hey now did you hear the news?
Another friend cops caused us to lose
Brother John from Circle One
Shot with six bullets killer cop's gun
Our buddy Tate died the same way
Another cop who won't have to pay
Dallas has got that "Thin Blue Line"
Innocent people in jail doing time

Mark the Farmer -

U.S. War #54 -
For presidential longevity
In a bleak economy
Wave the flag show 'em who's boss
U.S War #54 of course

The masses have been prepared
Grenadan and panamanian affairs
Bomb 'em to hell once you begin
Civilians casualties have been factored in

Say it's for freedom when it's oil
And the sovereignty of kuwaiti soil
To protect the soldiers we'll censor the news
Schwastzkopf gives only the fact they choose

Cast a villain: Saddam Hussein
Paint him evil and insane
With our help and his notorious fame
The world's problems on him we can blame
Problems like our decaying schools
Crooked bankers treating us like fools
Tankers leaking oil slick pools
Cities where fear and violence rules

Problems like AIDS
Global warming: a fucking mess
What we need for re-election for sure
U.S War #54

When Johnny goes marching home again
Hurrah hurrah
In a body bag, ha ha ha ha
Never to come to family or friends
He died so fast and that is his end
See the pain in their face
So sad such a fucking waste
Watching buddies' flesh burn
No more lessons to be learned

Won the war what's the show
Refugees with no home to go
Mothers' pain in their eyes
Crippled children you can't hide

Military brass now are stars
On the talk shows and in the bars
How George got the world protected
Just to get his ass re-elected

To stack the court and slyly confused
"Bye civil rights women's" right to choose
The plan was perfect couldn't ask for more
U.S #54

When johnny goes marching home again
Hurrah hurrah (etc)

Gig and Die in L.A. - (Dedicated to all the L.A. punx)
Gig and die say goodbye
Gig and Die in L.A.

Lend an eye for what good it could do
I blame you for not doubting it's true
We thought it was shit closing our show
And cops beating us as we go

But little did we know
And how could we tell
And how could we see
What was in store
Hey what's going on
Should be long gone
Surely going wrong
Not feeling hardcore

left our gear with a friend
Driving down a dead end
Pulled into the alley to turn about
A man with a gun jumped out

Stuck it to Matt's head
And no time to think
Drop into reverse
Floor it in a blink
Pedal down flying stones
Mario Dave Parnelli Jones
Shaking down to our bones
Wishing we were safe in our homes

Gig and die, gig and die, gig and die in L.A

But we hadn't gotten very far
When bullets hit the car
Everyone's alright not sentimental
All in on piece and the car's just a rental

We could have been shot
None of is are feeling hot
Down to the bar with our pals
A double for Matt the tab is Al's
Sighed a communal sigh
Stop think and realize Matt's big bulging eyes
Lives of a cat
Escape murder files
Still shake in denials
Still here to smile
Still here with matt
To the bar bunch of pals
Toasting all our pals
Matt's a double the tap is Al's
Don't shoot!!

Beat Somebody Up (So Fucking Stupid) -
Here’s someone that’s different than you
He ain’t dressed right, what you gonna do?
He ain’t local he’s from out of town
So you rat pack’s gotta beat him down

Beat somebody up
Got no reason except you enjoy it
Beat somebody up
So fucking stupid when you
Beat somebody up

Jump him ‘cause he tried to break up a fight
Where we come from might makes right
Three, four, five on one
That’s the way we get things done


I’m Joe Hardcore how about you?
So I can beat up whoever I want to
I’m big and mean better keep out of my way
The new pig on your scene today


Beat somebody up
No more scene there when you destroy it
Beat somebody up
So fucking stupid when you
Beat somebody up

Nowhere to Go -
Trouble ahead trouble behind
Out of control out of time
Looks like we're floating
We're losing ground
Nowhere to go
Nowhere but down
Had a few bruises so good so far
We're being told it's gone too far
New set of bad days some dumb lines
Don't bother asking they think we're blind

Trouble ahead trouble behind
Out of control out of time
Looks like we're floating
We're losing ground
Nowhere to go
Nowhere but down

Same old shit brand new packages
Not much that we can do about it
Sinking fast it won't last
Last lesson from the past

The fools are gloating
Truth is unfound
Nothing to sow for
Destruction bound
Looks like we're floating
We're loosing ground
Nowhere to go
Nowhere but down

No magic wands
The cauldron's dry
We're out of wishes
Don't even try
Looks like we're floating
We're losing ground
Nowhere to go
Nowhere but down

I Do Not Wish -
I do not wish to wipe the dusty haze from the plexiglas of morning
Or the lusty nine hour old sex stench from my passion-soiled skin
I do not wish to remember the repression in the guise of redemption
Or gain eternal peace that costs the sacrifice of an earthy paradise

I do not wish to let go of either of m lovers' hands
Or deny any loving touch

I do not wish to live in a fashion chic cliche
Or a sea of self righteous rhetoric that translate to zero action

I do not wish to cash my freedom in
For a five dollar and twenty-five cents an hour
Or live the sunlit hours in the thought hold of a time clock

I do not wish to live out my days
And all my desires
I do want to share
With my friends my passion, lust and fires
I do want to lose my inhibitions and fears
I do wish to be at one
And keep my loved ones near

Hey Cop, If I Had A Face Like Yours... -
Brutal cops are back in swing
Thanks to good ol' Rodney King
Wrong time wrong place
Certainly the wrong color face
Copers, radios, no escape
Thank God for video tape
L.A.P.D is a Mei Lai mob
Uncle Gates still on the job

Hey cop! To you we're all truncheon meat
Giving new meaning to pounding the beat
Pistols, rifles, shotguns, clubs, handcuffs and mace
Swaggering like Rambo, a grimace on your face

They beat us beat you too
Broken bones black and blue
Scheming reaming and very true
No limit to what they'd do
Coffee, donuts and lots of hate
Sit back, cruise and wait
Collar, leash, shock baton
Helicopter, roof-top bomb

Hey cop! Bragging how you kicked some ass
How they begged, what a fuckin' blast!
Those Jiggerboos deserve it "Gorillas in the Mist"
Kicking the front door, face clenched like a fist

Another night another mess
Another story in the press
You swear you do your best
Just a little violence related stress
Cold stone lies and lots of nerve
Hope you get what you deserve
Sworn to serve power trusted
Now you're the one busted

Hey cop! Your sneer becomes a grin
Your victim ain't smiling, you kicked his teeth in
The criminal is bad enough, sneering cops are worse
With a mug like that I'd walk shave butt in reverse

A few get fired a few transfered
Be more careful have you heard
Watch your step and watch your ass
the public soon forgets the past
Heard you tell "Take him down!"
All your might I hit the ground, Billy club
Kidney whack, club on neck, knee in back

Hey cop! animal and blue, ugly as ugly do
Your ugly and through and through
Hey cop! if i look like you do
You blue screw i'd hide out
And hang out in the zoo

It’s Later Than You Think -
Hollow haunted eyes will tell
It's later than you think
Money , hopes and future dreams
All vanish in a blink
Indigents both young and old
At malnutrition's brink
Graduates that cannot read
I wonder if they think

Rat racer succeeds
Wife is Draped in mink
Landlord signs a deed
Tenant blood for ink
Mournful headline reads
it's later than you think

Working-class labor freeze
Middle-class money squeeze
Lower-class ends don't meet
Out of cash in the street
Out of work in their prime
Skim want ads in the line
Down and out without a dime
Turns to life of crime
Get caught stuck in jail
No way to raise the bail
No grease to tip the scale
Overcrowding the jail

Tyrannosaurus Rex still roars
It's later than you think
Whales beach themselves on shores
Decompose and stink
Humans bent on profit cause
the habitat to shrink
When fish have nowhere to swim
What do you think you'll drink

Water clean to blue
Fouled with chemicals and oil
Poison soaking through, poisoning the soil
Through the tap to you, farewell mortal coil!

Spray Arid Extra-Dry, punch a hole in the sky
Dust bowl to poison shore
Barren Moon forever more
Be our own missing link
Burning eyes constant blink
Like dinosaurs extinct
It's later than you think
From blue green and balanced home
To the abyss we are thrown
Engrave it on our tombstone
And down to the catacombs

They knew a thousand years ago
It's later than you think
The last three hundreds rhinos know
It's later than you think
Eco-bio-socio systems, tremble on the brink
People all over the world know
It's later than you think

Repair the planet's health
Clear the ship and shore
Redivide the wealth
Clothe and house the poor
Pull the plug on Stealth
Spare the world a war

Don't let the children bleed
Mouths we're obliged to feed
Medical care they need
Conserve and learn to live with less
Stop fear and prejudice
All humankind must be
Living and thinking free
Raise mortality rate
Not left to chance or fate
'Cause there's not time to waste
Lest it will be too late

Lambada Me -
My mama she called me up to say
Time is passing me by
If I don't make my mark
It's gonna make her cry
She says I need a stable job
With some security
I could make some new friends
Of a higher quality
But mama mama mama can't you see
I'm doing the lambada, the lambada me

Well I paused and then said "Now mama
I'm doing just fine"
I know you want the best for me
But you're messing with my mind
You want me to marry someone
To lambada with at night
Someone very agreeable
She'll always say I'm right
But mama mama mama can't you see
I'm doing the lambada, the lambada me

Can't blow it, I know it, I see it, I feel it
I'll try it, I'll taste it, I believe it and be it
I'll move it and I'll groove it
I'll shake it and I'll bake it
Can make it, can't fake it
Do you get it, hope you got it

It's a thing with parents
They want to run your life
Want to select your career
And help you pick a wife
But mama mama mama I got to be free
To do the lambada, the lambada me

So now when mama calls she says
She's given up all hope
She doesn't see her darling son
Just another lazy dope
No spiffy car no fancy friends
No classy friends to meet
But lots of time to myself
And that you cannot beat
Time to think and dream
And time to be just me
And time to just lambada
the lambada me

The Jew that Got Away -
This is the story of my grandpa Max
A jewish tailor that has to face the facts
Sensed a hatred so profound so ugly he could smell
Forwarned him he should escape impending Hell

Now I'm Max's grandson and I'm back to say
Here I am, living proof that the Jew got away

Old folks point their fingers, cold stares seem to say
"If this was 1942 that scum would be sent away"
Now its 1991 and it's as clear as day
A lot of you old fascists haven't changed your way

Now I'm back in the Fatherland
And I'm here to say
Here I am, living proof that the Jew got away

Oh Bavaria, Aryan Heaven
Land where Hitler wrote 'Mein Kampf'
On Bavaria they're still laughing
At the ovens in the Camp

Private fascist armies to haunt us like the past
Fear is your disease and we'll call you on it fast
Designed a new A.I.D.S. tattoo for a brand new threat
But our kind won't go away, and we won't forget

The Money Pile -
All over the continent
Are countries changing their names
A different face a brand new lie
The story stays the same

Power-struggles, money-grabs
Never ending wars
Sending people off to die
For the power whores

Who’s on the money pile?
Wearing that different style
Who’s on the money pile today?

Misinformation never really dead
Watch the propaganda beast
Rear its ugly head

A Wall comes down and all around
The world is filled with joy
A country too blind to see a re-election ploy

Read your history, the story just repeats
New number different name
The Reich remains the same

That’s right! You’ve got the money
But you don’t got me
You’ve got the money
But you don’t got me

Cockrocker -

Take a dick dress him up

Give him a guitar wish him luck

Pants so tight look so hot

Put him on stage what’ve you got?

Cockrocker – look so dumb

Cockrocker – brain so numb

Cockrocker – lame as fuck

Cockrocker – really suck!

Likes himself very much

Looks in the mirror gets it up

Learned to play to make big bucks

Got on stage to get it sucked

Crime of Rape -

Black Christmas -
The holidays don't fill me with cheer
I get a chill when they draw near
The time of year you can see your breath
My thoughts turn to death

The killer wakes up in his bed
From dreams of snow drenched in red
By blinking red he waits to see
Blood as a drip from the christmas tree

There is no joy for me
Christmas is black for me
No hope, no cheer
Christmas is black every year

Sitting all alone in your house
No body stirring, not a mouse
You got no money you got no friends
You got no life you don't need to pretend
Sitting there all alone
Try to ignore the ringing phone
Your bottles empty you're drown in booze
Don't need to hear no more bad bad news

There is no joy for me
Christmas is black for me
No hope, no cheer
Christmas is black every year

Everyone dies on Christmas
Loneliest time of the year
Everyone cries on Christmas
Oh, Christmas just fills me with fear

Deck the halls with boughs of black
Your sister's dead from dealing crack
Was years ago, you're just eighteen
You weren't there but you can hear her scream
Your family waits by the Christmas tree
Just wondering where you might be

Where'd we go wrong
What can we do
These charming strangers who don't know you

There is no joy for me
Christmas is black for me
No hope, no cheer
Christmas is black every year

Millions of Dead Cops

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