MDC - Millions of Dead Children/Chicken Sqawk 7”

Side A -
1. Chicken Squawk [2:34] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - David Dictor)
Side B -
1. Kleptomaniac [1:05] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Ron Posner & Al Schultz)
2. Death of a Nun/Pecking Order [1:50] (words - David Dictor & Al Schultz, music - Ron Posner)

R Radical Records 1984
? 1984 - San Francisco, CA:
Secret/Rythmic River Studios
Hank Radical Smit - executive producer, Gary Mankin - engineer, Fantasy Studios, Gary Hobish
Armin Hammer Productions - mastering
Cover art: Jesper Holst, Jenny Joe & MDC
Musicians: David Dictor vocals, Ron Posner (x-con ron) guitar, Al Schultz (Alschvitz) drums,
Frank Mares (Franco) bass, Dave “Machine Gun” Dick 12-string guitar on Chicken Sqawk

Chicken Sqawk

When I walk into the store
They sell the chickens by the score
But eating dead birds just ain’t for me

I don’t eat roast beef or fish
Porky Pig is not my dish
Just go ahead and let your chickens be

In chicken circles it’s Adolph Perdue
Wants to feed featherless chicken to you
I don’t take orders from Colonel Sanders
Do you?

I don’t wanna eat no hens
Not even every now or then
Wanna let all the chickens be

Bawk, bawk, bawk...
Swing to the east and swing to the west
Swing with the chickens you love best
Come on down and do the chicken sqawk with me

Wishing Daffy lots of luck
Cause Elmer Fudd’s a hunting duck
They’re dreaming about their little frickassee

And Bugs Bunny is a friend of mine
Eating him I’d feel like Frankenstein
Eating flesh seems pretty foul to me

So on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve
Give them turkeys a reprieve
Ain’t no turkey got to die for me

Foghorn, Leghorn wrote to me
Say’s MDC’s alright by me
Cause we all learned to let our chickens free


Lordy Jesus this must be the end
They got us eating our cartoon friends
Emancipate those little chicadees

Swing to the east and swing to the west
Swing to the chicken you love best
Come and do the chicken sqawk with me


Started out of necessity
We were so broke and so hungry
In this world of food for cash
Got no choice its stuff and dash

Now we got that dread disease
Bulging pockets full of cheese
The narcs are at the electric door
I drop the goods right on the floor

I’m a kleptomaniac
We’re all kleptomaniacs
Never ever give it back
Hey asshole what you looking at
(Steal or starve is where it’s at)

Franco’s got a special coat
Stole enough juice to fill a moat
Al’s ripping off some smokes
Reshelving those half empty cokes

Cruise the aisles and pocket goods
They’d jail us if they only could
Get the cashier’s dirty looks
She knows we’re all a bunch of crooks


Your inventory’s short at Hughes
Cala Foods is paying dues
Safeway’s filing Chapter Eleven
I pray we don’t gotta rip off heaven

We ain’t telling you what to do
Just saying what we been through
Don’t come crying to us for bail
When they drag your ass on down to jail


Death of a Nun

There seems to be a problem
The people won’t behave
They seem to fear our power less
Than what’s beyond the grave

The clergy won’t preach
All the doctrines we ask
We’ll have to round them up
So we can take them to task

We’ll blame the guerillas for what has been done
Burnt church of Jesus, the death of a nun

The church has preached resistance
For what the poor hold dear
Stronger than the army
We sent to instill fear

A US torturer, designed just for you
Agony guaranteed, they know what to do
CIA assassins are coming with guns
The people will mourn for dead priests and nuns
Kill with no mercy, men and women of the cloth
Ineffective martyrs for the God they brought forth

Is their retribution only time will tell
Agents don’t believe and the people live in hell
We’ll destroy their faith
In their God and his son
A plain wooden casket destined for a nun

We will not compete
With religious belief
Burn the church, kill the priest
Leaven them in grief
Unlike their saviour they’ll die with no cross
Shown their mortality they’ll know who is boss

Destroy their faith in their God and his son
Show what we will do
For our power and money
A blood spattered habit Amen
The Death of a Nun


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