2008 Euro part 2.


Dave, ron, mike smith, felix dri, arno, selina, jay bob, ethan & Koncha on MIKEY DONALDSON MEMORIAL TOUR . . . march 27 to may 04, 2008

Someone’s DHL package that’s not going to arrive on time.

Ethan at the wheel.

Ghent, Belgium

Formule 1 - affordable hotel.

Lordy Jesus this must be the end,

they got us eating our cartoon friends!

The Tele Tubbie Van was cheap, but had no brakes, was missing lug nuts, had no power steering,  lousy stereo, max speed 110 kph going downhill, overloaded, had no heater, bunt alternator, exhaust leaked inside, back door wouldn’t open . . . what more could you ask for?


Ferry Calais to Dover

White Cliffs of Dover

Newport, Wales




Dang!  Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?

Ferry Holyhead to Dublin

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Whelan’s, Dublin

Tour Posters that got lost on the plane.


Roisin Dubh, Galway


Gig at the Roisin Dubh - from Thin Lizzy to MDC. 

Only Fumes and Corpses rocked the place!

Irish Mad Mike at the post office sending gifts back home. 

Felix at the souvenir shop getting stuff for the family.

on the road again . . .


on the road again . . .