2008 euro tour part 1.


Dave, ron, mike smith, felix dri, arno, selina, jay bob, ethan & Koncha on MIKEY DONALDSON MEMORIAL TOUR . . . march 27 to may 04, 2008

Droppin’ Davey boy off at Ethan’s.  Yep, that’s snow coming down!  And we’re talking it’s late March.  Dutch trashcans come in all flavors.  Felix working on a diarrhea lickin’ it.

Place dog and poop in here!

Damn nice town Arno lives in!  Koog aan de Zaan. 

* For a short description, refer to bottom of page.

Balls of hail on the car windshield!

Good morning Mikeypoo!

Nothing to do at Arno’s but sit around and smoke pot . . . except for Ron who had to settle for a vicious contact high!

Master Plumber attacks miniature Vaillant water heater.

Quarantined at Arno’s were:

Conehead Ron                          Mikey NRF            Felix I’m so stoned I can’t think         our host Arno . . .

Jay Bob after hours of Deathclock Metalocalypse & the Makai from Chico.

Life on the Dutch canals . . .

Who the hell is buried in Grant’s tomb?  Dang!

Dave recovering over at Ethan’s - 104 fever, hallucinating but with a clean intestine!

Dutch remote control.

MDC 2008 rythm section.

Bad-ass skate park.

Yke, Dejan, Felix and Mike.  Delft, ND

Sneek, NL - Bolwerk








Little Devil Tilburg


It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out!

                                  Working on a case of trench-mouth . . .

Where am I? . . . Who am I?

& Jay Bob

* Arno’s short description of the area we stayed at:

The Dutch canal was actually a river!  The Zaan river (hence the names Zaandam -- the dam in the Zaan; Koog aan de Zaan -- the piece of land near the Zaan river that despite not being diked doesnt flood; and Zaandijk -- the dike in the Zaan).  My house is in Koog aan de Zaan, the skatepark is on the edge of Koog aan de Zaan and Zaandijk, that skeleton windmill is Zaandijk, while the boat picture is taken in Wormerveer.  Wormerveer means Wormer-Ferry, Wormer is the place on the other side of the river, those buildings in the background. Wormer is also where I grew up, the Wormer punk scene was pretty well known for bands playing Membranes/Crass/Gang of Four style punk and for DIY releases since 1979.

Pale Death Windmill - 1656

I am the Pale Death

I am the end of Life 

Anyone who is willing

to supply labour

Know that I'm at work at all times.

Blunt Force Trauma t-shirts courtesy Felix.