Crossing into Finland or Suomi, as strange as that sounds, which actually used to be part of Russia.  Hence all the famous Vodka they drink around here. The population is about 5.3 million people and there’s 187,888 lakes so that’s about 28 people per lake.  The President, Tarja Halonen, is the famous comedian Conan O’Brien’s look-a-like.  I hope I didn’t bore you with all this trivia.  One final thing - the scene here is nothing short of amazing.   P.S.  There was NO heater in our van.

It’s DAMN COLD here p the entire Gulf of Bothnia was frozen over!

Beautiful Selina grew up just next-door.  q



Next stop was Helsinki where we played not Domino’s Pizza but Domino Pizza.  This place was huge and I’ve never seen so many red-faced drunks in my life.  Weird thing was the senior citizen bar locals were there as well.  The show was strictly OLD SCHOOL bands from the late ‘70s early ‘80s.  Best thing about it was playing with Riistetyt.  By the time we got on there was more glass on stage than there was out in the crowd.                                      Here’s Mikey backstage q in a classic MOI moment!

One of the locals.  I hope I don’t look  q like this when I’m 65!

t Bands rock, roadies rule and the merch pays the bills!

pPunk alive and good looking!     Dave pwith an empty beer bottle in his hand the entire night!     p Riistetyt’s singer and his biggest fan!

Selina and our driver pYke share a Kodak moment.

                           q Karaoke night at Domino Pizza rocks!                           q Jay Bob’s moment of glory with MDC.


Yet another ferry boat ride.  This was an expensive overnighter on route to Stockholm.     

                     Dave and Bob waiting for the casino to open.  q A couple of cross-dressers stocking up on cancer sticks.q


New friends who put us up and put up with us.  What can you say?  Greatest folks on the planet.