MDC Euro Tour March & April 2007 - On the way to MILANO!  Jay Bob jet lagged in his sleeping bag while Dave enjoys Raymond Chandler.  q                            Aerial view of crusties Mikey and Selina and their port-a-bar, hot sauce and all. q

qHome-made squat pizza was delicious!  qSelina checking out the goods.            qArno & Selina busy at work.

Monza packed! qThis was like the 1984 Virus Via Correggio show was just yesterday!   qDan drenched to the bone.

Bass players unite - Mikey & Emiliano!  Ethan + Tom-Tom at the wheel.  Massage for Massimo. Group photo at Diesel Squat.  P.S. Italian women are gorgeous!

Jay Bob finally gets a shot at the wheel! u Wonder why they call him JayCrash?  Here he is scaring away this guy’s customers.  q

04/4 Monza @ Boccaccio: Hate Seconds, TMD, MDC

05/4 Genova @ Casa Pinelli: Downright, TMD, MDC

06/4 Bologna @ Fioravanti: Repulsione, Headed Nowhere, Tear Me Down, MDC

07/4 Roma @ Torre Maura: TMD, Vitamin X, MDC

Davey Lama Yoga Bear. u

Tear Me Down guys are in shape!  Here’s how Dan and Arno get in shape. q

Meanwhile, here’s Dave getting ripped off by his smiley Chinaman pal, the fake watch salesman.  A Breitling Navitimer

that lasted one day!  We’ll be back!  q

We slept in this palacepdebating about our leaky fuelppump.  Italian drivers know how toptravel and crash.qDave back to reading his Raymond Chandler on the way to Roma. Italian parking meter.u

Beautiful Nina and Dave winding down with a Johnny Cash song book.  qDave working on a case of diarrhea.  Everywhere you look the old mixed with the new.  An ancient church right next to an Italina junk food stand.








pPersonally, I’m sick of all this kitsch-ass Che Guevarra merch - it’s basically a symbol of capitalist consumerism.


Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of the show.  There were so many people that the lens instantly fogged up.

tLA SCINTILLA - The oldest squat in Italy.  Almost as old as the Coliseum.  Awesome graffitti on the back wall.q