MDC Euro Tour March & April 2007

Here we are at Yke’s Apt in Amsterdam.  Perfect location - right next to the tram stop, a street market one block up, Turkish bakery across the street.  Thanks a lot Yke!  It was a One Cat Night since the weather was perfect.  Yke Rules!

Rehearsal’s were cranked up loud as hell at Dan’s studio in the Villa Friekens squat since Dan plays the drums louder than a Marshall stack!  BRUTAL!  Yke loaned us her vintage Kustom 4x12 which sounded awesome through my Boogie head and Sean Michael’s bad-ass Lovepedal effects.  Jay Bob was suffering a bad case of jet lag constantly guzzling cola.  P.S. Mikey says “Hi!”

Our first and only show in the Netherlands was at Burgstraat I in Wageningen.   The band that played just before us, Mihoen, kicked some serious ass.  High octane hardcore done Dutch stylie.  The show was a benefit for Chiapas and since attendance was good, money was raised for the cause.

I tried to iron out Mikey’s dreads backstage but forget that.  Crust never rests!

Other bands on the bill were De Klojo’s, Gascoigne and Antillectual

Life in Shawn and Shelby - The Pawns’ IVECO Teletubbie van.  Snug as bugs in a rug . . .


Tubingen is an town in Germany that dates to, get this, 1191 !!!!!  Epplehaus is the place to play - great stage, good sound, high speed internet, clean beds, hot shower, table hockey, kitchen, etc.  Just like home.  Sadly we missed Hannes Koerber and Ina. 

Selina took some band pics of us with my Nikon D70S digital camera.  This was on the way to Zurich.  We are always looking for the easiest border to cross.  When you’re packing as much merch as we are, avoiding customs is always a blessing.

Zurich, Switzerland - KALKI Squat.  This is where we hooked up with Tear Me Down, one of the best Italian hardcore bands ever!  Massimo, Emiliano,Allesandro, Pepe, Adriano and crew rock!  La Rivolta non si arresta nunca!  Fuera chavez!